George Romero

Diary of The Dead Review

Diary of the Dead Review

 Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter


So here it is finally my netflix video arrived in my mailbox and I understood where my 14.00 a month was going to. It was going to my trust in the horror movie genre that 1 day there will be a shot of glimmering light that would restore the underground love of the zombie culture. To be honest in this review would be vain. To lie in this review would be a travesty. So I’m just going to give it to you uncut and raw. This movie is fucking horrible. I read all the reviews saying there were two sided opinions on if the movie was artistic or bad. I would agree with the ladder. There was no art involved in this at all.

           The story follows a group of college kids who are filming a ridiculous scary movie when there is an outbreak of zombie attacks in the area. They decide to flee back to campus so they can contact their loves ones but on of the guys (the star of course) goes back to his house and invites them all. They say no except for the slut and move on. They go to hop in the trailer and along the way they run into some zombies. Now let me stop there. The reason is because they only manage to have about 100 zombies total in the flick. I guess budget purposes? Did they even do a casting call for the movie? I mean if you film a movie in PA and it’s about zombies, it seems as if the whole fucking state would show up to be in the film. I mean this was filmed in the same area where they broke the Guinness book of world records for their annual zombie walk. Oh well maybe they thought a complete take over of Zombies in the world could be shown with a few zombies, I beg to differ.  So our heroes stop at a hospital because one of their friends decides to blow her head off in the name of the lord, but of course they cannot let her die because if she does then she becomes part of the undead. So of course she does and someone else in their clan gets bitten, only a matter of time before he turns too and they must dispose of him also. They meet up with some revolutionaries it gets more boring and less scarier they see more zombies and they end up at the house of the guy that left them. They have a couple scenes that are descent like a farmhouse part with a Amish man and another scene at home for one of the stars that goes very wrong. It’s sad but this movie really didn’t have chance from the start and never got any better. I would have to say in my own words that George may want to give it up. Why not do a Masters of Horror for us, shit they could have achieved all they wanted to in this film in 1 hour. But they waste almost 2 on this one. So I leave you all with the idea that the genre may be done in regards to zombies. With the zombie’s strippers and British rage zombies and all we see now, I don’t think there will ever be another movie that even George Romero himself could live up to. Oh well it was a good run while it lasted. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being a cult phenomenon but it shouldn’t. Rent it if you please and watch Land of the Dead afterwards because it would even make that movie better.



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