Horror Comedies

Otis Review

Otis Review


Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter

Comedies are wonderful in horror movies. I’ve always been a fan of outright humor in movies from Lost Boys to anything staring Kevin Dillon. For some reason there have been a consistent amount of movies involving you white women captured tortured and held hostage by mad men lately. You never really get to see to much back history on these foes except for small flashbacks that are unexplainable and unnecessary.  The best part about Otis is you see his history, say the turning point of his life is right in front of you throughout the film.

           Otis is about a 40 something year old man who believes he is still stuck in the last month of high school before prom and kidnaps girls brings them home and makes them live through it. It’s pretty comical because he truly believes he is courting these young ladies. He even takes it to the next level by contacting the parents of the girls to ask for the opportunity to take them to the prom and fuck them. There is one other thing that’s messed up with Otis, he thinks they are all some girl named Kim. Now you never see Kim in the film but since he plays on this so much you can tell she is the one who broke Otis’s heart a longtime ago. I guess he used to be a football player because he still sports his varsity jacket and makes the girls dress up like cheerleaders. So I’m sure Kim was a cheerleader that promised him a night of everlasting joy, then dropped him like a tab at a hippie festival. Too bad for Otis but too bad for any girl that comes across Otis.

           So we meet the precious Riley. Just your typical teenage girl who wants to make a statement by not wearing a bra on her way out one night. Low and behold that was probably the only thing saving her that night. But daddy makes her go back upstairs and change and of course that gives the perfect chance for local pizza boy Otis to show up and snatch her as she walks out the door. So the torture starts and I don’t want to give anything away but he takes it to the extreme, but not sexually. That’s one of the things I like about the film and the character, he’s fucking nuts but you kinda feel sorry for the big lug, especially with his brother coming by and reminding Otis how much of a dumbass he is. So I’m pretty much going to leave it there because you need to see the film to see what happens next and believe me it’s going to have your ass on the floor. I don’t mind directors taking played out scenarios that we have seen time and time again and putting a little comedic twists on it. To bad this didn’t get a big budget release because this type of film is what keeps the genre going not killing it. Go buy it today!



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