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Prom Night Review

Prom Night Review

Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter

So what do you do with a film that has the same title of a classic slasher, has a PG-13 rating and has box office expectations less than another movie that comes out the same weekend named “Street Kings?” Well you go see it of course. I don’t know if I should write a review about the movie or the theatre because the theatre I saw the movie in was a lot more entertaining than the movie! Now when I first started reading reviews about it  

 I was noticing a lot of people saying how the film had slasher worthy potiential. Um,,, where? This movie had no potential from the start. First off Prom is about getting wasted and laid, they made that clear from the beginning that sex was key, but the girls all have hidden little back drops that no one cares about except for our main character. Cute little scar headed Brittany Snow. Isn’t that bitch from a Disney series or some shit. To be honest with you the whole movie gave me kind of a did Disney make this film? Feel to it.

So our lady in waiting is having nightmares from a previous event of a teacher that stalked her and killed her parents, and she must look to her prom as a way to forget her problems (like that’s going to help). Of course somehow who knows who cares her killer has escaped from the insane asylum and is out to get her. Guess since he used to be a teacher he still knew the prom schedule. Why she still went to the same high school gets me but of course our villain makes his way to their prom and all hell must break loose. I could get into the killings, funny scenes, cop jokes, but who cares none of them were any good. I think the writers made a fatal flaw with this film of showing the killer from the beginning. That was what was so classic about the movie with the same title that starred Jamie Lee Curtis. You had no idea who the killer was until the end. I know this film is not the same, but come on man it’s supposed to be a slasher at least make the damn thing scary! I mean jump scenes are all right but when you do so many where people jump at the characters bumping into lamps it just too many. Not enough people get killed and there’s not enough blood (Thanks PG 13!) but I’m sure there will be a PG version out this summer. Brittany survives which is a bummer and only one dude in the whole movie gets drunk. What kind of Prom Night is that? The venue was ridiculous I don’t know who in their right mind would spend that much for prom and it was just a terrible movie. Please don’t waste your time with this you will see sections of it while your doing your homework on direct tv as it gets played over and over again. I just rented Shrooms so hopefully I’ll go to bed with blood and mayhem in my head and not glitter and gold!


Live from the Movie!!

Live from the Movie!!


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