Asian Horror Films

Sick Nurses Review

Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter

There was a time when I embraced the asian films and I hungered for any film coming from the far east. That was until one missed call came out on the American Side and I almost threw up. I am so sick of these long haired ghost tales that I don’t know what to do with myself. Now don’t get me wrong the spook factor is still there. If I ever see a long haired banshee flying toward me will make me shit on myself. The problem is why the hell is ever film from Masters of Horrors Dream Cruise to Ringu has to have the long black hair phantom. Enter Sick Nurses which I just read a review on over at that explains that the film deserves more credit than you would initially give it. I beg to differ.

            Sick Nurses is plain horrible and boring. I’ll admit I had a healthy dose Mexican food and margaritas so I was ready pass out when I got home but some how I made it through. So there is a Thai chick who is  having a affair with this doctor she works for who sells body parts on the black market.The problem is that her sister is alot sluttier and hotter. So the Doc starts to make moves on her. Of course pissing the one nurse off and she threatens to expose them all for their evil deads. Thai bitches ain’t having that.

            All the girls have something about them, and I have to admit they are all pretty smoking, but whatever the strive for is what ultimately kills them as the bitch comes back from the dead ringu, grudge style and starts picking them off one by one. They don’t show shit really though I mean yeah there a couple blood and guts but more yawns than anything else. I just don’t get it. The more they try and scare us with these long haired women the more I become less interested in asian horror. Oh well at least there are films like the Host out there to give me a chance that once aagin the asian culture will do the genre proud.



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