Horror Movie Reviews

The Cellar Door Review

The Cellar Door

Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter


So how would you like to be locked in a cage and tortured for weeks with no way of escaping? Wouldn’t that be fun? I love captive movies because I’m so interested in how badly made the contraptions are and all the ways I could get out. Well I’m not in that situations and to be honest I’m glad I’m not. But unfortunately the same cannot be said for our lady in danger in this film. So basically it starts out pretty gory. There is a damsel in distress her clothes are bloody and torn, and she has found away to escape from her man made cell. The only problem is after jumping out a window she lands on her ankle and breaks it. Then she is eventually hit by a car, story over on her part. So of course our bad guy needs to find someone else to lock in his cage of goodies.

           He finds two young ladies who really don’t provide any back story but seem to have their lives in order. He watched them one night while they are out, they come home drunk pass out and he makes his move. He snatches Rudy the badass out of the two. Tall dark and not bad looking but the problem with this movie is not really the acting or the fact that is was made with a little budget. The problem with this movie is it is just too unbelievable. I mean I’m not trying to sound like a social path but how can you believe that a women could be held hostage in a 2 level house in the middle of south central and no one would hear. I mean yeah people have been kidnapping folks for years in LA but come on some one would have to notice something. Homeboy does a real good job of being a total weirdo and there some strange part that involves the lady in captive being haunted by a previous prisoner. The other roommate is in the hunt as well but has no clue how to find her. She soon gets caught as well and now we have a nice little production with a good body count in the making. It seems as if the writers spent a lot of detail building the suspense for our two main characters but when the movie climaxes it also falls. I think if this was filmed in San Bernardino it would have worked out a little better but they didn’t so oh well its worth seeing on Sci-Fi during the 13 days of Halloween.



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