The Signal Review

Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter

           Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if the world was to end?

I know I have, and it involves my wife, my child, good weed, whisky and a muthafucking shotgun! The last item of course is for the mass hysteria that usually arrives at the time of the apocalypse. Now I’m not talking about mutant or zombie takeovers, I’m talking about good ole human beings.  The types of humans you would need shotguns for, crazy ones! The Signal is a film about the city Terminus, and in this city the residents are watching TV, listening to the radio, and killing their next door neighbors. Yes I said killing their next door neighbors. This film is broken up in sections each written by a different person. It follows a young lady, her husband, the guys she is fucking, and certain friends and strangers they meet along the way. It’s kind of hard to explain so I’ll break it up in sections and try not to give the movie away.

           Part 1 involves the lady and her lover waking up to a television set full of noise and blurry visions. It is quickly turned off and the lover gives the lady a high fidelity type mixtape to take with her on her way out. When she gets to the garage she is approached by a person asking for help. When she investigates what’s going on she sees blood and quickly starts to retreat. Good for her since there is a crazy person hot on her tails. When she arrives home she is confronted by her husband and his friends start an argument about the happenings with the television. Then all hell breaks loose and she ends up staying overnight in the apartment next door while chaos is happening all around.

           Part 2 focus on the husband interaction with a lady waiting on her guests to show up for a New Years Eve party. She has killed her husband and the neighbor has also killed someone and we are noticing that everyone thinks they are fine but somehow this signal has affected them so much that they start dreaming of obscure scenarios thinking people that are dead are alive and crazy shit like that. I found myself really enjoying this part because the acting is superb and you start to question what’s really going on yourself and whenever someone turns on the TV you jump up and scream for them to shut it off.

           Part 3 takes us to the final confrontation between the boyfriend and the husband. You start to lose the whole apocalyptic aspect on this portion and see The Signal for what it really is a crazed love tale.  Now I’ll mention that I was not feeling that at all. I really started to care less and less for our characters because I was more interested in what was going on in the rest of the world. I was hoping the lady would escape and make it to another city and find the same things going on with no hope to an end. Oh well we all can’t have our wishes granted everyday. So the film ends with no resolve on if the signal will stop but let’s say the good guys win. It could be worse but the film actually was not that bad. Like I said the guy who did the second section really made the movie for me. Its nice whenever a movies shows how or own devices can turn against us, it just would be a little better if we got some sort of explanation as to why its is all happening. I guess we will just have to leave that up to M.Night to explain, man are we in trouble. Go rent this though!



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