Horror Movie Reviews

The Strangers Review

The Strangers Review

Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter


Love is a wonderful thing. Compassion 2 people show for each other is wonderful and what better way to show it then with a nice little retreat to the house you were brought up in with that special someone. I feel compelled to say after the long list of horror movies I’ve seen that my wife and I will never head to a cabin in the middle of nowhere with out protection. I do mean a gun not condoms dammit. Anyway so this movie is about a couple who end up being stalked by a 3 strange characters wearing masks. They seem to like the cat and mouse game so they start off by tormenting them through the shadows. Fucking up their car, smashing windows, stealing cell phones, and playing records over and over. When the man shows up it gets worse they torture becomes more real and the fear starts to set in. Too bad the same did not happen to me. I was worried that there would be a problem with boredom since the body count would be low. I was right unfortunately. There is a time when a good suspense horror flick was just what you needed to get your Friday night going. There was also a time when they made good suspense horror movie too. This is not one of those times. Hey I’m all for creepy people with masks fucking people up that is what I live by, but man can a person fall that much being chased by two girls and a guy?

           I question reality in movies like this. Since this is based off a real event I wonder what really happened.  The whole time I figured this was just not real. 3 people who are crazy are enough but 2 people who are fighting for their lives are bad ass in my opinion. Have ever seen a cat backed into a corner by a pack of dogs? Yeah the cat may leave with a bunch of scratches but you better believe those dogs never felt pain like a fresh cat paw before. I think these people lost me when they got to their cars and were continually rammed in the back by a 13 year old driving a truck. Fuck that I don’t care if the car had 4 flats I’m out of there. Swedish engineering would be at its peak if I was in that situation. So after about 90 minutes of jump scenes and and a guy getting his head blown off for showing up early they…ohh shit I can’t give up the ending huh? They did a way better job when this movie was first released I believe it was called Vacancy. Wait to rent it.



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