Horsemen Review

Horseman review

Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter

So when I was drawn into the Taken hype along with everyone else, I watched that movie with a sense of why I didn’t watch it in the first place. Old people doing unbelievable acts of courage ala Jason Bourne style. Sorry it just does not work for me. So When I saw Dennis Quaid was in the movie I was expecting him to be this Robert Langdon type character chasing after the occult and solving this mystery of the infamous Horsemen of the apocalypse. Then the film started out with Silence of the lamb type gore with food serving trays and looks of utter disgust from all who witness. You come to find out someone has removed all the teeth of some victim and there is a possibility that the person maybe still alive. The next section involves the lovely lady from Crouching tiger aka Go Go Miss Ziyi Zhang.

Of course this makes the film a lot more appealing now as she becomes the key character to give Mr. Quaid information about The Horsemen. She is somehow linked and you find out that this is a computer organization with members everywhere. This is when the movie goes sour. So somehow through all of this there is a sub story involving Quaid and his two sons. Thhorsemen-posterere mother has died and Quaid’s occupation has a rough schedule on the boys. So it’s no surprise when you find out that his head son is involved with the cult. I thought that would make him go after the bad guys even more, but I was glad the movie ended right there because it was really not going anywhere anyway. How do you kill something you can’t find because of so many members? Turn it off thats how. This film had good potential until you found our who did the killings. Then they rushed the rest of it like I’m doing this review. Just wait to catch it one night on Starz when your high it may be worth it then.



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