Messengers 2 The Scarecrow Review

messengers_2_dvd_artworkMessengers 2 The Scarecrow Review

Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter

So Boondock saints was cool wasn’t it? Yeah why because the two brothers were badass irish fucks that like to fight. In steps the father and now there are 3 badass guys with guns tearing up everything! One of the main brothers in the movie of boondock is lead actor in the new messengers Noman Reedus. I like Reedus. He was cool in blade 2, The cigarette burns episode of MOH and other things. So when I saw all these things leading up and also that Todd Farmer is the one who created it sparked my interest. Not because the first messengers was that good, it’s just that it was nice to see the original director do it again. One problem though, what in the hell classifies this as a sequel? Let me elaborate.

So normally a sequel has something to do with the original, even if none of the characters return the same premise could happen or there also can be some sort of retelling of the first tale. So what about this movie? Well lets see, so there is a guy thats used to be an alcoholic who is trying to keep his family together living on a farm growing corn. The problem is there are these damn crows that keep shitting and eating the crops. So the man at the end of his wits is looking for some salvation and comes across a hidden door in the barn. Him living there for so long makes me wonder how come he has never noticed the door before. So he opens it and there are drawings made by a kid and a big bag. He pulls out the bag and inside is the scariest scarecrow I’ve seen in any films in a minute (kudos to the fx crew there). Then the son comes to explain to the dad the scarecrow is evil and he shouldn’t use it. Low and behold he runs into more misfortune with the crows and decides to use it. Of course as presumed his fortune turns around and he starts getting everything he wants. There is also some creepy neighbor that shows up and explains that he should allow the scarecrow to help him make his land plentiful. This neighbor also has a hot young wife thats very slutty and likes to play with herself in the cornfield (so of course no PG-13 rating for this movie). Then things start going bad as people start missing the guy starts drinking again and the corn keeps growing. During this whole time our main guys is hearing voices seeing dead children and all types of stuff that still has nothing to do with the first movie. Our hero decides to destroy the scarecrow to save his family but it won’t let him. Pissed off scarecrow then takes matters is his own hands and goes after the family. I leave it at that based on the fact you may watch this thing but if you have read this so far it must have you wondering the same thing my wife and I were thinking, what the hell does this have to do with the original? So if this was not a sequel it wouldn’t have been all that bad, it just really doesn’t fit in the mold of a sequel. I think Farmer may have made this movie got it rejected by the studios and through the Messengers tag on the film to get it to push. BOOO on you Mr. Farmer. How about calling this movie what is should have been called “The little boy with the bunny warns the daddy about the scarecrow” Watch on it on demand when it comes out.



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