Trick R Treat Review

Trick r Treat Review

Reviewed by Nyquill of The Gutter

Umm. If there is one thing I love about Halloween, its Halloween themed movies. I mean I don’t think you guys know how I get down. I mean I’ve seen every single Halloweentown movie. Call me a dork or what ever but nothing gets me more than Halloween films. Now I will say I was somewhat skeptical of if this film would be any good. It has a slew of great actors involved including Miss Sookie Stackhouse herself Anna Pauqin. Also in the movie are vets Dylan Baker and Brian Cox along with fresh faces like Tahmoh Penikett from “Dollhouse” and the fat kid from bad santa! So enough about the people in it lets talk about the film.

So let’s get this straight people its got gore and a great body count. They don’t give any background whatsoever. Which I think is good because it would ruin the film trying to figure out who these people are. There are no heroes to save the day in this film and everyone has their own little secrets. It’s packed with Halloween lore and goodness and it captures what the night is supposed to be about. Fun! Hell even though all this bad stuff is happening in the film I would love to visit this town. So there is a crazy principal that likes to poison kids. Hot army of werewolf ladies, and a local legend about some crazy kids that went off a cliff on Halloween that comes back from the dead. It’s all worth it and all the stories meet somewhere in the middle that you will enjoy. No one character really steals the movie but there is this creature that walks around in a costume with a big head (guy on cover) and the movie is his, because he is the only one at all the sights of terror. He is the so called spirit of the night and believe me you think that Halloween spirit from the old ghostbusters cartoon (I watched that this weekend too!) was scary wait to meet this little guy. I think I will leave it at that go rent it tonight if you can find it and it’s something that the family could watch (only if the kids are over 18!) together to celebrate the greatest holiday every invented Samhain! Make it a blockbuster night and it would be nice to own as well.


trick r treat

trick r treat


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