Drag Me to Hell DVD Review

Drag Me to Hell DVD Review

Reviewed by Nyquill of the Gutter

I was truly disappointed in what was going on in my life around the release of this film. Due to many unfortunate circumstances I was unable to see this movie in theaters. Man I’m mad I missed it. This is a film that you go to the movies to see. So I had to wait for it on DVD which in this day and age, is not to long. So Raimi brothers make a new movie that has nothing to do with the spidey one. That’s awesome just because I was sure we would see nothing but spider after spider sequel from these guys. It was such a pleasure to see them return to good ole bloody supernatural movies. Most of you know what the film is about so I’ll keep it short. Gypsy curse given to a women who could have helped the gypsy get an extension on her house, but since she was trying to do a power move for a new position she opted not to. Bad move. Gypsy lady feels disrespected and throws the curse on her. This curse gives people a couple days before demons come for you and well by the title I guess you know what they do. Of course there is blood, gore and a bunch of jumps as the woman is delusional because these are all the things that happen as you approach the man of light from below. This may all sound very familiar to an episode of Supernatural because it is pretty much the same story. Take out Sam and Dean Winchester insert chick and MAC commercial boy and there you have it. I thought the movie was great very entertaining and funny. I would say any Raimi fans or any horror fan would love to find this previously viewed for cheap and add it to their collection, I know I will. There are all types of featurettes and goodies on the disc and the cover work is worth the purchase its self. It’s nice to see out of all the remakes and reimagining and things that are out there that the Raimi boys were able to breathe fresh air into the mainstream audience with this release. Although it may not be an original tale exactly at least it’s not what everyone else is doing. Buy it



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