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Movie Review: NIGHTBEASTS is an Instant Cult Classic!

Yes it’s true! The film NIGHTBEASTS has all the ingredients to make this film an instant cult hit. The movie stars Zach Galligan as father on his way to take his son on his first hunting trip. In the town there is a legend of creatures called the ancient ones that are Sasquatches. They have made a deal with Indians of the land not to disturb the peace as long as they sacrifice their witch doctor to them. Well looks like the witch doctors aren;t enough as the creatures go on an all out assault killing and eating anything in there way. 

First off this film is ridiculously funny. I was surprised by the movement of NIGHTBEASTS as there were no parts that dragged. In a sense you are thrown right into it and that’s what makes the film start off well. Not all the acting in the film is noteworthy but I think the main cast did a fairly decent job. The standout of the film is young Tim Thomas played by Chad Trager who pretty much stole the every scene he was in. What kept getting me the most was the one liners that were constantly on display. Almost everyone in the film quarreled with each other and it made for some of the funnier moments in the movie.

The Sasquatches in the film looked great and did not take away from what was being shown on screen. Think an angry mob of pissed off Harry and the Henderson and you will get the visual. There is plenty of gore and action in the film so there is really nothing to dislike about NIGHTBEASTS. Its a great popcorn film that I think you will really enjoy.

When a film doesn’t try to hard and doing something out of the ordinary the results are nice and solid. That’s the formula here and make this film one to see. There is a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman which is great but not the main reason to watch NIGHTBEASTS. If you are a fan of big time monster movies with a comedic edge then NIGHTBEATS is right up you ally.

NIGHTBEATS is directed by Wes Sullivan and stars  Zach GalliganApesanahkwatAudra WiseDonn Angelos and Holly Wilson. It is available to rent on demand right now on Vimeo!  Check it out today as i’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.





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