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Dead Dudes Balls in My Face! A Review For ‘Quite A Conundrum’












The new film from Thomas L. Phillips (Special Dead) Quite A Conundrum maybe one of the zaniest dark comedies since 1998’s Very Bad Things. A night that should have been filled with booze, drugs, and sex turns into a night of death, mistrust and insanity. Few films can reach the level of  “I can’t believe that just happened”  like Quite A Conundrum.

The film stars Sasha Ramos as Mimi a tough nosed hard hitting young lady that makes the tragic mistake of telling her lover that he is a sad,  pathetic, waste of a man. Here friend Tabitha (Erin Cline) looks to cheer her up with a night of swimming and booze. She also hopes that there is a spark of romance and fun with Tabitha’s boyfriend Sean (Chris Greene) friend Dutch (Joe Coffey). Also hanging around that evening is Mimi’s little sister Kylene (Emily Rodgers) and her geeky boyfriend Harris (Anthony Rutowicz) whose performance is worth the watch more than anything.


Quite A Conundrum maybe the most appropriate title for a movie in horror history as one fatal event kicks off a night none of these guys will ever forget. This film may also be the funniest horror film of 2013 as each scene becomes more revolting than the others as it progresses. From the start you can’t help but laugh at the interaction between Tabitha and Mimi as they do a great job of portraying every white girl you see in a World Star Hip Hip video. Tabitha’s boyfriend could not have said it better when he mentions “It just incredible white in this pool!”  Harris enjoys himself a little too much with the drinks as he goes from passed out nerd to tent pitched drunk super Harris. I really enjoyed the scenes he was in as you can totally see a behavior like this from a child under the strain of an overbearing religious mother.

Dutch is the outsider of the group and without giving anything away becomes a very dynamic character in the film. The film takes an incredibly dark turn and even though the humor is still present Quite A Conundrum becomes an intriguing survival horror. I can’t recall a film in recent history with this much depth in regards to a change of one of the characters but it was very welcoming to solidify this film. Similar to movies like I Didn’t Come Here To Die This worse case scenario film should appeal to a very broad range of horror fans.

Many movie watchers may have issues with how this film starts but if you take it as the joke it’s supposed to be I think you will truly enjoy this film. Yes it’s rather outlandish with the behavior of the Mimi and Tabitha but all you have to do is look on your Facebook page and you will realize these girls exist everywhere. I applaud Phillips for allowing the girls to have fun with their roles. Quite A Conundrum is a smorgasbord full of disasters but is a horror film that works perfect in the  trend filled, social media obsessed, sexually active world we live in today!


Quite A Conundrum is directed by Thomas L. Phillips and stars Sasha Ramos, Erin Cline, Emily Rodgers, Anthony Rutowicz, Chris Greene and Joe Coffey. For more information on Quite A Conundrum visit their official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/quiteaconundrum


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