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The Blair Witch Of The Bro Culture A Review For ‘The Upper Footage’









These days its all about marketing, marketing, marketing! Though a little controversy doesn’t hurt either. That’s whats in store when you sit down to watch the epic  found footage film The Upper Footage. Even though the director has already explained what was real or not real, i’ll leave that part up to you the viewer as it helps with the intrigue and mystic of the film. Hands down this is one of the most compelling movies of 2013. The surrounding story just by itself does enough to bring anybody’s nosy family member to their knees wondering if what they have just watched is real. Upper is both groundbreaking and very needed in this social media based society where something can start off as a rumor and be blown up to epic proportions.

A few years back we heard about this film through various horror websites. From that moment on there were smart and strategically placed campaigns that added to the mystery behind The Upper Footage. You really have to give director Justin Cole and crew credit for doing their best to keep the secrets of this movie hidden in such a communication laced time age. The movie itself give a hard look at a society filled with young and over privileged socialites that have a sense of invincibility no superhero could ever match.  Case in point is the recent news story about the young man who committed murder and was found non guilty because his prestigious background didn’t allow for him to understand “normal” behavior. If stories like this fire you up then you need to see The Upper Footage as it is a hallmark to the “Bro” culture we exist in today.

In the film we follow a bunch of NYC socialites as they embark on a night out on the town. Upon viewing the Upper you will feel as you may have just stumbled upon someone celebrities sex tape but that is clearly not the case here. You also will have to watch this with an open mind as the youngsters involved are very carefree with their choice of words including racial slurs and demeaning of women. Nothing you wouldn’t see on a billion dollar kids Instagram or vine eh? Well the evening takes a turn as they retreat back to the loft of one Blake Pennington and begin a cocaine conquest Tony Montana would be proud of. Also there is a young female dubbed Jackie who clearly does not fit in with this crowd but may be a late night conquest for one of the brooding young gentlemen. Soon after she has an overdose and all hell breaks loose.  This was truly a great job by all involved and by the end of the movie you will be on one of your handy devices researching this film as much as I did.  It takes balls to come out with a movie like this because the hate for it will be astounding. I consider it a treat and am very glad to have witnessed The Upper Footage.

In a world filled with found footage movies of white people lost in the woods its refreshing to see a  found footage movie like this. Not since The Blair Witch Project has a movie been able to garner this type of buzz based on what is real or not. Also how many movies have you seen with a bunch of bros stopping for fast food with a dead body in the trunk? The ending of the film is what got me the most as you can tell Cole and crew we very strict on details. The Upper Footage is flawless actually as it is executed to near perfection by all involved. Normally a movie of this nature has no business being re watched but I cannot wait for the casual fan to see this film. Does The Upper have the chance to be as legendary as The Blair Witch Project? Well that’s yet to be determined but we do know for sure that it is the only found footage film that brings the true original spirit of that iconic movie.  The Upper Footage is a must see film of 2013.


The Upper Footage is available to watch on demand now. For more information on The Upper Footage and how you can see it visit their official website:


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