Horror Short Film

Incredible Giallo Styled Horror Short ‘The Cold Eyes Of Death’

We were contacted by  Filmiracle Productions about a new horror short The Cold Eyes Of Death. Two things that peaked our interest was the Italian giallo styled influence and  the soundtrack provided by highly acclaimed Maestro  Fabio Frizzi (Zombie. The Beyond, The City Of The Living Dead).  We have the horror short here for you to watch with a running time of 9 mins.  Here is a quick review on the short:

The Cold Eyes Of Death makes me beg for more. It is one of the most craftiest horror shorts I have seen in some time. It reminded me of the films I watched as a youth that drew me to the slasher sub genre. Any fan of Italian horror should watch the The Cold Eyes Of Death. It’s breathtaking. I’ve not seen a short since L. Gustavo Cooper’s Velvet Road  made with such flawless execution.

-Travis Brown

THE COLD EYES OF DEATH is a low-budget short horror film which takes influence from both the psychological Italian gialli of the 60s & 70s and the supernatural Italian horror of the 80s. With an experimental, DIY charm, this film puts most emphasis on atmosphere and visuals rather than today’s typical gore and sleaze. Maestro Fabio Frizzi’s soundtrack, whose highly acclaimed works include Fulci’s ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND, and CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, is the driving force that connects avant-garde shots and chop-shop editing into something fans of the aforementioned genres can enjoy. BEWARE! THE COLD EYES OF DEATH ARE WATCHING!

The Cold Eyes Of Death is directed by  Luciano Imperoli and stars  John Kensil and Karen Lynn Widdoss.  For more information on The Cold Eyes Of Death visit their official website here.


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