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Small Town Virus Big Time Terror In A Review For ‘Blood Rush’

This week on DVD you can pick up the latest entry from Brain Damage Films Blood Rush.  From “Newlyweds of Horror” Kerry and Evan Marlowe comes this blood filled zombie picture that almost plays as a starting point for films in the REC and 28 Days Later franchise.  Blood Rush is a surprisingly entertaining film that follows a group of friends trying to escape this new evil that has surrounded them. The people of the town feel the local witch doctor is the source. When the true cause of the virus is revealed little can be done to save those who remain as all hope becomes lost.

Blood Rush is a very entertaining film and a refreshing look at the zombie genre. Similar to the films mentioned before this is not your typical battle against the undead as these creatures still carry human traits in them. That means the zombies are smarter and more equipped to go after their prey then would normally see. Outside of the hunting for flesh not knowing who is carrying the virus is scariest of them all. Unlike most zombie films just the touch of the infected could cause you to go down this treacherous spiral.

I enjoyed how the film came together and the storytelling of the five friends kept the Blood Rush at a good pace. I’m sure many will be curious to pick up this film after seeing the amazing artwork and I hope they do so.  There aren’t too many times you get to see these types of interactions between the infected and the non so just that dynamic alone is worth checking out Blood Rush. The cast does a great job of executing the premise and the pregnancy scene is a must see.

What may hurt Blood Rush for some viewers is how close to the aforementioned films this movie is. Even though it stands apart in many ways most still will see this as a knock off to movies on a larger scale. Hopefully not many as Blood Rush is a graphic portrayal that is welcomed in a less than stellar zombie era we are involved in.  The “campy” feel to the film is awesome and shows that these two filmmakers have no issue with having some fun. It’s what really solidifies this film as we get a throwback feel presented to the new wave imagining of zombie films.  There are many great films out to rent this week but don’t pass up on Blood Rush!


Blood Rush is directed by Evan Marlowe and written by Kerry Marlowe. It stars  Kerry Finlayson, Don Donnelley, and Christy Lee Hughes. Blood Rush is available on DVD and most VOD outlets. It is being distributed courtesy of Brain Damage Films.



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