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Hello cretins and happy Friday evening to you. It’s been a busy week here at #HMUNCUT headquarters as we are dwindling down our final HorrorHound coverage.  Of course we couldn’t forget to give you guys the scoop on this weeks horror flicks to rent before we call it a night. For some reason there was an underwater theme to most of our films so if you enjoy wet creature features then this is your week!

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****Spoiler Alert****


BENEATH – beneath_2013_WEBrip_x264_Ac3_Mi_LLENi_UM_mkv_snapsWe aren’t sure if this is an IFC film (they are hosting it at a festival) or Chiller film but whatever the case it was no where near as bad as many lead us to believe. Beneath is a bloodbath of a goodtime with a big goofy fish with giant teeth that makes the characters of Beneath look like Mario and Luigi in the water worlds. Funny thing is the film is being shown in festivals around the country but you can watch this at home today. In a week filled with creatures of the deep Beneath is the perfect film to get you in the mood for some underwater massacres. The story involves a group of friends looking to go to a small island on a lake but are unaware of the monster that resides below. This is a fun Nado Pop film and has enough blood and entertainment to be this weeks pick.




ODD THOMAS – ODD-THOMAS_STILL_15 It’s nice to see a film that you could see yourself watching with your family in horror these days. Odd Thomas is one of those types of movies where one man becomes an action hero fighting off evil spirits looking to feed off impending doom. The film stars Anton Yelchin as Odd who does a great job pulling off the enjoyable character. If you can get by the CG look of the bodachs I think you will find this quite enjoyable. There is also a nice cameo by Patton Oswalt that adds a nice comedic punch. Pick up Odd Thomas this week as you will see it’s one of the more entertaining films of 2014.



Spring-Break-Killer-7In Machine Head a group of ladies hit the road for a little spring break action but run into a mad man in a nice muscle car. It’suspenseful thriller that will remind you of films like The Hitcher, or Paul Walker’s Joy Ride in regards to tension. It’s got a nice amount of violence in just not the strongest of acting. It’s nothing new but pretty refreshing for a renter looking to bypass all the sea creature films this week. Give it a view!

THE CONSPIRACY- TheConspiracy_Tarsus Everyone knows about conspiracy theory films and the how they are usually just cast aside. In the film The Conspiracy the filmmakers take us on a journey where the lines between documentary and what’s fake are blurred. When two directors interview a man about what he knows about government conspiracies they become engulfed in his world of secret societies new world order plans and esoteric agendas. Even though most of the things they speak of can be looked up in the palm of your hand  it’s still an interesting choice on presenting the film. It’s a fast paced film that has a nice little surprise at the end and one to pick up this week for sure.


 BEAST OF THE BEARING SEA- beast-of-bering-sea-hug  Ever heard of sea vampires? Yeah many haven’t but that’s the creatures we encounter with the CG filled film Beasts of The Bearing Sea. It’s not a bad little creature film but may be one that’s hard to watch for many. The film follows a family of gold dredgers who are trying everything they can to claim a new area for themselves. The problem is they have unleashed a nasty monster from the bay looking for blood. If you don’t take it too serious then it’s an entertaining film for some I would tell you guys to just pass.


DEA SEA- DEAD-SEA-Trailer-03Nice to see scream queen Devanny Pinn along with Truth or Dare costar Ryan Kiser in this deep sea creature flick. The story follows a local legend about a giant sea serpent that returns every 30 years to feed. If the town does not sacrifice someone then there will be hell to pay. Two local soldiers a marine biologist an a photographer must find a way to stop the creature before it’s too late. There is tons of blood and a nice amount of action in the film. It plays out similar to a lot of the other creatures  features this week so don’t expect to much of a difference. Still if you are into big monster movies give this a view.


THE APPEARING- The-Appearing-Image-07 The supernatural films these days usually fall into a few categories. One of them happens to be possession films. In a film that plays similar to The Last Exorcism The Appearing is just another movie about a possessed woman and those who have to support her. There is a preacher who could not go through this process the first time and looks to redeem himself by helping the husband. Once the woman allows the possession to take over complete is when the film loses a ton of stem. As usual it’s not a horrible film just one you have seen many times over.



Well that does it for another week of the horror rental list. Check back next week as head to into April with a nice array of films including some animation. Have a great rest of the weekend and happy horror renting!!







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