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Pucker up trash can of humanity ‘Apocalypse Kiss’ movie review

We have a feeling the name Christian Grillo will be know to us for sometime. He already has a nice amount of features and shorts to his name but after viewing Apocalypse Kiss the sky is the limit for this talented filmmaker. In Kiss we find an end of the world scenario where the rich have separated from the lower class but they are all set up for an impeding doom. The film has a little bit of everything. Eroticism, mayhem, gore, cyber technology, corrupt Marshall law tyranny and one of the best psychotic madmen since Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.


The main story follows two women Gladys (Tammy Jean) and Katia (Carmela Hayslett) who have been seducing men then killing them. Since their work is not the cleanest of kills it grabs the media’s attention and they start relating the kills to the ones of a known serial killer named “The Red Harvest Killer”. This grabs the attention of the killer Adrian (D.C. Douglas) who feels it is up to him to dispel these rumors as they are no where near the level on insanity and beauty he provides (or so he thinks).

Douglas is refreshing in his role of the serial killer. He also reminded us of the killer in one of our favorite films of last year Home Sweet Home.  The attention to detail in regards to showing his compulsive nature was vintage. Honestly just his performance is worth watching the entire film. The ladies hold their own as well as we see the dynamic between the two of them change drastically throughout the film. Carmela is a deviant soul who thrives in certain areas of the film but we did have an issue with one thing about her performance that we will not mention in this review because it would be a spoiler. Tammy is also awesome in the film truly embracing her role which can be difficult as she is seen as eye candy but we find out there is more to her madness. Both of these ladies do an amorous job of holding down a majority of the film by themselves.




The best part about Apocalypse Kiss is the style and portrayal the society by Grillo. Having a limited budget could cause issues for filmmakers going in this route but we don’t think it could have been pulled off any better. It’s hard not to give the feeling that you are dumped into this toxic wasteland of despair. We really were impressed by the visual aspects especially the use of the jumbo trons that gave a “They Live” aura to Apocalypse Kiss. Apocalypse Kiss is a bold and daring film that will have horror and sci fi fans approval.

It’s hard to deny the political overtone in a film filled with devious characters and a solid story, but it provided the backdrop for Kiss to flourish. We can’t wait to see more from all involved and Apocalypse Kiss is one of the early surprises of 2014.




Apocalypse Kiss is now available on DVD. It is directed by Christian Grillo and stars D.C. Douglas, Tom Detrik, Carmella Hayslett, Tammy Jean, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Berryman and Tom Atkins. It is being distributed courtesy of Midnight Releasing.



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