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Surprising & delightful ‘Son Of Ghostman’ is an 80’s esque treat

Not often do we come across a film that puts an unconscious smile on our face. How anyone can sit through Son Of Ghostman without smiling is a mystery to us as this entertaining little “horror themed” movie was a definite treat. Directed by Kurt Larson Son of Ghostman is a quirky 80’s esque film about a time missed and forgotten by many horror fans.



That is the time of the late night horror host that used to flood the midnight boob tube screens for many of our youths. We are sure many of you can recall shows like Up All Night that introduced many of us to the iconic Troma franchise. Well in Son of Ghostman we find a nostalgic young man by the name of Denny (Devin Ordoyne) who misses his favorite television character. His name was the Ghostman and even as an adult Denny finds himself drawn to the old role from his youth. Well his lady can’t stand his obsession with horror so she decides to leave him. While all this turmoil is going on Denny must also deal with a hated rival who also has his own late night show. What ensues from there is a competition you won’t want to miss.



By no means at all is Son of Ghostman a horror film. So if you are done with this review after reading this we completely understand. For those of you intrigued with all that surrounds our beloved genre then check out Son Of Ghostman. It’s perfect! When they say 80’s esque in the description of the film it’s no lie. From the music to the corny mannerisms Son of Ghostman is a great reminder of 80’s pop culture. The movie reminded us everything from sitcoms to late night skin a max films. Hilarious and bold Son of Ghostman was a lot of fun.


All of the characters in Son of Ghostman have their moments and the direction by Kurt is spot on. One of the standouts in the film is the hilarious best friend of Denny Carlo played by Marlon Correa. His timing is faultless and even on scenes with little involvement just his presence at times was funny enough. He really helped add the buddy element to the film. All involved did a great job of executing their roles. There were times where they could have pushed the envelope farther. Maybe not wanting to be recognized as a parody film is the reason why but regardless the emphasis of the acting worked just fine.



Son of Ghostman is girlfriend approved! We always try and recommend some movies that horror fans could share with their non horror loved ones. Hey we know you guys are out there which is one of the reasons we started this site! We would like to thank Kurt for allowing us to view this awesome film. Currently Son of Ghostman is tearing up the indie festival circuit and we know why. It’s hard not to enjoy a film so enchanting so if you find out it is playing near you we suggest you attend. So of Ghostman is truly one of our first surprises of 2014!



Son of Ghostman is directed by and written by Kurt Larson. It stars Devin Ordoyne, Angela Gulner, Kurt Larson, Marlon Correa, and Matthew Boehm. Son of Ghostman has been nominated for a Rondo for Best Independent Film. It is also available to see on Amazon Instant Video and On demand. For more information on Son of Ghostman and how you can see it visit their official website: http://sonofghostman.com/


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