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We all live our f**ng lives just so we can f**ng die! ‘The Killing Games’ movie review

Holy Sh**! What the hell have we got ourselves into? Many of you by now have seen a film being promoted on many a site from Typhoon Films called The Killing Games. We we reached out to them and they sent us a blu ray copy of this disturbing film. Gut wrenching and heartless The Killing Games is a monstrosity of a movie! In impressive blu ray quality the film is now available to purchase.  It’s far fetched to find any rhyme or reason involved in this sinister offering just good old fashion grindhouse styled fun. You name it and it’s in here. Murder, rape, torture, tits and blood. This insane sleaze porn epic will have fans of the torture porn sub genre standing in applause.


The Killing Games is an over the top tasteless and offensive movie that will be difficult for most to handle. That’s fine by us. The movie revolves around a guy by the name of Birdman (Kelly A.H. Bird) whose wife is on her deathbed and his daughter seems missing. What he does not know is that she narrowly escapes two psychopathic killers who would make the Firefly Clan proud! Their names are Son of Satan (Edwin Autridge) and Dirty Jesus (John Scott) and these two are a riot. A majority of the film may make you think they will kill each other but they are “Bros for life!” We wonder what director Barry J Gillis was thinking with the direction of these two as most of their work seemed like improv. Whatever the case it works and created two monsters that we won’t forget for sometime.


There is also another story that you are following during the film and it all comes together at the end. The writing is a little sketchy at times but about an hour into the film you can pretty much predict how things will develop. Having said that it’s no surprise that segments involving the kills are the ones to look for. While not as brutal as we might have hoped there is enough happening to have a lasting impression on your own psyche as someone insane enough to watch this film.

In a moment of honesty we will say that this film will appeal and only work for a specific horror fan but that’s not a bad thing. There have been tons of films circulating across the globe of this nature and of course this would come from the decrepit minds of some Canadians. We don’t know what’s in the water up there but lets just say they produce some fucked up individuals. We love them all though as we know if we see that red maple leaf on a film get ready for some gore and mayhem. We have no issues with films like these as it shows the bold underbelly of horror logic. Sometimes you don’t need an exotic back story to produce chaos, sometimes you just need to fuck shit up. That’s the feeling you get while watching The Killing Games.


A movie with characters you won’t forget, unadulterated brutality, and an air of violence you won’t see across any mainstream films are all reasons to watch The Killing Games. In the serious world of cinema we live in sometimes we just need to have fun. The Killing Games is a shitload of fun!


The Killing Games is now available worldwide on Apple iTunes, Google Play, and other outlets. It is directed by Barry J Gillis and stars Yunona Anders, Edwin Autridge, Vanessa Avik, John Scott and Kelly A.H. Bird. To find out how you can see The Killing Games visit their official website here!


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