Drafthouse Films

TFW2014 – Day 2 recap

After the initial hassles of driving and surviving (next year we have to stay in the hotel, although I hear there were pizza delivery issues) the first day was an instant success of understanding the lay of the land at Texas Frightmare Weekend. Upon arriving Saturday it was clear that the day would be long and fruitful. As the doors opened at 10 for the VIP patrons they were all eager to get to their favorite celebs tables and guest panels. Once again the line for Tobin Bell received an early push but the entire MIT room had lines forming in every direction.


Over in the Enterprise room the vendors were ready to show off their amazing goods and we had a few guests stop by our table. We chatted up Cold in July, Blood Glacier, Contracted, Thanatomorphose, Borgman, and more with the likes of Richard Whittaker( Austin Chronicle) Heather Buckley (Dread Central) and Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria). Soon enough the horror fans filled the aisles and we were all treated to a main day introduction from the voice of the Crypt Keeper himself John Kassir.

The panels also started on Saturday but unfortunately many of the good ones were going on at the same time which caused the fans to choose. Terminator, Fangoria, Twisted Twins, Tobin Bell, where all highlights of the days panels but the most buzz seemed to be around Fear Clinic. Every panel was well attended but most of the fans were content with standing in the lobby and taking pictures of the cosplay folks in attendance. There were a group of fellas dressed as Kiss who stole a lot of eyes but that soon went away the minute the metal band Ghost steps on the floor.


Back at our table we were doing giveaways and a few interviews. Two of our favorites Jill Sixx and Jerry Pyle stopped by the table to tell us how Friday nights screening of Call Girl and Service.We even interviewed Jerry so look for that in a few days. It was a great atmosphere and the crowd really enjoyed our interaction. We made it a little easier on the attendees by giving an easier trivia question than the night before. By the time we got to the give away at 5 pm we had over 60 participants. Shame though only 40 got the answer right (tisk, tisk, can’t name something as simple as Silence Of The Lambs) but before we contacted the winners we had a quick Q&A  with producer and filmmaker Courtney Sandifer about a few of the films screening at the fest like Conjoined and also her upcoming projects like Kids VS Zombies, A Haunted Trailer and Getting Schooled.


The evening brought us the screenings of the films Circus of the Dead, Gun Woman, Witching and Bitching, The Pick Axe Murders Part 3, The Den, and the most populated event of the late night Repo The Genetic Opera!  


Saturday was a blur but we took it in stride. Seems as if the fans really responded to the IFC Midnight releases but we also hipped a few folks to other stuff out there. As we looked towards the final day of the convention it’s plain to see that the huge difference between this convention and others is the business like atmosphere. It’s been somewhat of a challenge covering the event from this side of the table but we have connected with some awesome people that will help bring tons of more stuff your way!


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