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TFW 2014 – movie review ‘Gun Woman’



The folks at this years Texas Frightmare Weekend were treated to an amazing film from director Kurando Mitsutake, Gun Woman. This action packed gore fest stars the beautifully talented Asami as the Gun Woman. A lost heroine addict who has been cruelly rehabbed by a man seeking the ultimate vengeance.


Gun Woman immediately took us back to our youth in a time when films flooded our psyche filled with amazing fighting choreography, cheesy music, and memorable characters still relevant today. Gun Woman is all the Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, and the Cannon Films all meshed up together. What sticks out for Gun Woman is the manga style influence presented throughout the film. The japanese have always been in the forefront of ideas on how to stretch the limits of what we all hold to be true. Gun Woman takes those limits and defecates on them.


The main attraction to Gun Woman is the amazing performance by Asami who sets the bar on what a woman must got through in cinema. Even though this is a tale of revenge it’s also a story of growth and the limits one will endure during change. In most films involving precise methods of fighting and training we usually see something along the lines of a guy kicking a tree for days.  Asami’s plight is much more different as it feels similar to the transformation Chris Rock endured in the film New Jack City. Fitting as Gun Woman has a gritty underlying theme which presents itself in a brash manner that will surprise and excite the audience. During the screening as we watch Asami grow before our eyes the crowd applauded in excitement as we see her character develop.


For a film as exciting as Gun Woman there is a precise amount of detailed involved in the filming of the fight scenes and gun sequences. This really allowed a realism and depth to Gun Woman and serves for credit to director Kurando for providing this aspect. Gun Woman is a perfect blend of American indie film culture and japanese cinema of the 90’s that achieved global notoriety. The look and feel of Gun Woman is something that even the indie filmmakers of this country will enjoy. The shots presented will look familiar as Gun Woman is a movie with a limited budget but provided enough entertainment for no one to care about how much capital was put behind the film.


All in all Gun Woman is an epic film that will rip through the cinema festivals. It will do well once it is received by the general public who are also familiar with independent films. We have been talking about Gun Woman since we left TFW not just to our readers but directors and producers who have to see this film. Not since Ninja 3 The Domination have we seen a movie with a lead female character as bad ass as Asami and we can’t wait to see more. Gun Woman not only has major distribution appeal, but has the chance to spawn into anything from mangas, sequels, and video games. It all starts here though with a film that is a must see in 2014. We had an amazing time while at TFW but for sure Gun Woman is one of the most memorable moments. Look for this film playing in various festivals and hopefully we will get some word on distribution soon!





Gun Woman is directed by Kurando Mitsutake and stars Asami, Kairi Narita, and Noriaki Kamata. It had it’s north american premiere at Texas Frightmare Weekend. Visit the official Facebook page of Gun Woman :


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