Horror Toys

It came from inside our box! Get ready for ‘Horror Block’

From the geniuses behind the home geek out delivery service Nerd Block comes their latest inception to your front porch which is Horror Block! Yes now you can get your own special block of horror schwag that usually includes a T-shirt and about 6 toys / collectibles for any and every horror fan. Here is the release:


Monthly subscription service Nerd Block has added another option to its portfolio geared towards the nerd and geek community with the introduction of Horror Block. Each month Horror Block subscribers will receive a package including some of the best pop-horror items from the 80s to today. Products include items related to “Friday The 13th,” “Aliens,” “Predator,” “Chucky,” “JAWS,” “Ghostbusters,” Mars Attacks,” “Scream,” “The Walking Dead” and many more.

To learn more about Horror Block please watch this video:

“The horror genre is a staple in pop culture, yet it’s easily overlooked in favor of action, adventure, and science fiction. We wanted to change that and bring the excitement of horror front and center with a dedicated monthly Block,” said Russ Montague, founder of Nerd Block. “For only $19.99 horror fans are treated to a monthly package that includes a shirt and 4-6 other toys and collectibles! Initial response has been overwhelming and fans are living up to subscribe. One could even say they’re dying to get their hands on it, pun intended”

Following in the footsteps of Nerd Block’s innovative service, which aims to have something for everyone in each box and deliver valuable retail items at a discount to subscribers. Nerd Block partners have included: Funko Pop! Star Wars Figures, Ninja Turtles, t-shirts, trading cards, Super Mario toys, plush figures, Iron Man sets, Marvel & DC figures, Adventure Time merchandise, Nintendo items, and more!

The perfect item for the nerd inside all of us, the boxes, which cost just $19.99 per month, have spawned a hyper community of their own, with subscribers regularly discussing the month’s arrivals and guessing what might be next.

With a new slate of partners coming and more services to be announced over the next year, Nerd Block looks to continue their early success throughout 2014. The addition of Horror Block, joining Nerd Block and Nerd Block JR is a first step in what is sure to be a vast expansion for the brand. For more information or to sign up, please visit: https://nerdblock.com/ orhttp://horrorblock.com/.


This looks like a great deal for some awesome horror goodies! 20 bucks is a steal for all this stuff so head over there and sign up today. Maybe we can convince Nerd Block to give us a few of these to give out to our readers so keep your fingers crossed!


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