Horror Short Film

Short Film Spotlight ‘Other’

Hell yeah! While we were up at the Days of Dead Chicago last year we ran across a flier for an awesome looking sci fi horror short called Other. Well the award winning film has recently been released to view in its entirety online and we thought we should bring it to you. Other looks like it was plucked right out of 1986 and is a paranoid display of one man’s fight against the cancer in his brain. We think you all would really get a kick out of Other so give it a view below! The movie looks great and the score is phenomenal. A must see horror short this year!

OTHER, the short Horror/Sci-Fi film directed by Daniel DelPurgatorio (Wathmen: Tales of the Black Freighter) and produced by the Chicago design, visual effects and animation studio Vitamin, is now available for viewing online at the film’s official website: other-themovie.com

OTHER centers on a brilliant doctor’s obsessive quest to cure himself of a terminal illness. While conducting a series of unconventional experiments, he discovers a scientific loophole that could possibly save his life…if he is willing to accept the sinister consequences.


Since making its debut at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival, OTHER has been selected for screening at more than 60 international film festivals, including ScreamFest, Fantasia International Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show, Elvira’s Horror Hunt, and Celluloid Screams. During it’s run, the film was honored with a variety of awards for “Best Short Film”, “Best Director”, and “Best Special FX”.


For more information on OTHER, visit:




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