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Welcome to the happy ending with the ‘Deep Tissues’ podcast hosted by Sasha Grey & David Guy Levy

So picture this. A former porn star turned actress; a producer / director of horror films; a massage salon with guests ranging from writers, actors, and directors from genre films conducting a podcast while getting a deep tissue massage. That’s what’s in store when you tune into Deep Tissues a podcast hosted by the lovely Sasha Grey along with director David Guy Levy. On this show they will invite some well known names to discuss the movie business while receiving deep tissue massages. Of course this allows from some stimulating visuals but the audio is now available to iTunes with two episodes ready to listen to now. Here is the release on Deep Tissues.


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a BRAND NEW podcast, DEEP TISSUES! The writer, director, and producer who brought you Would You Rather and upcoming films London Fields and The Driftless Area, David Guy Levy, and the very intriguing actress and writer Sasha Grey, have come together to co-host the indulgent new audio podcast. These two talents will be discussing all the important issues with a special guest while getting deep tissue massages. Take a listen as they work out all their knots with Paul Soter in last week’s episode below!


Check out EPISODE ONE of with writer, actor, director PAUL SOTER here: http://deeptissuespodcast.com/deep-tissues-episode-one/


**AND don’t miss out on the gorgeous and hilarious ZOË BELL from Iron Man 3 and Inglourious Basterds appearing on EPISODE TWO now!**





WHAT: DEEP TISSUES Episode Two – Featuring ZOË BELL


WHERE: http://deeptissuespodcast.com/episode2/


The first two episodes are really entertaining. So we can’t wait to hear more. Subscribe to this out for the ordinary podcast today and visit their official websites.


DEEP TISSUES Official Pages:


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DeepTissues

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/deeptissues













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