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‘Cross Bearer’ Picks up US Distribution

Time to grab a hammer and beat the sh** out of someone as the excellent news that Adam Ahlbrandt sleaze porn epic Cross Bearer has picked up US distribution. Being released courtesy of Fred Vogel’s Toetag this talk of the festival circuit in 2013 will finally be heading your way soon. We saw the film at Days Of The Dead Chicago and knew it would be one to keep an eye on. Here is the official release for Cross Bearer after the break.

This is no normal release we tell you and creators of Cross Bearer and Toetag are coming together to create a special release. It’s going to be loaded with goodies and features and here are the details from the release:


Fred Vogel has announced that the Adam Ahlbrandt-directed cult hit Cross Bearer will see its first US-wide distribution through Vogel’s eminent horror institution Toetag Pictures.

With fan demand growing the filmmaker swooped in on Toetag’s offer to release a features-loaded standard edition DVD, as well as a double-disc, limited (to a fitting 666 copies) special edition, which will have a soon revealed special packaging. The news came last Friday when, Fred, Adam, and Cross Bearer star and co-producer Natalie Jean released promo videos through Toetag and a number of horror sites. The promo videos also detailed the current presale going on, which is offering $5 off the $25 price tag for the standard version.


Watch the videos here:





Natalie :

Additionally the production team is running a sort of sleazy, Willy Wonka-gone-bad contest; in the current presale customers get a chance at a one dollar bill (straight from a stripper’s g-string) tucked away in six DVD cases. This bill is good for a FREE copy of the definitive 666 edition (but don’t accept any offers to meet any of them at an old candy factory).

Needless to say the 666 edition is absolutely jam-packed with slimy, smut-filled goodness, including a brand new retrospective featurette with cast, and the option to watch the movie with its original ending.


Check out the NSFW dollar bill promo video here:

Jump on it now, because the presale ends when the crew appears this month at Days of the Dead Indy, June 27-29th. Or if you’re lucky enough to make it out to the show you can come get one right from the source: both Fred and wife Shelby will be there, as well as Ahlbrandt and Ms. Jean.

To learn more about this vibrantly sinister little slasher, or to get your $20 presale copy, visit:



Bring this dirty little slahser home and take advantage of these deals when you can!

Read our original review of Cross Bearer here and look for an interview with star Natalie Jean soon.

Toe Tag poster for 'Cross Bearer'

Toe Tag poster for ‘Cross Bearer’


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