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Hell Yeah ‘Truth Or Dare’ new trailer

Fellow Truth Or Darians we are ecstatic to bring to you an ass kicking new trailer for our favorite independent horror film of 2013 Jessica Cameron’s Truth Or Dare. This smorgasbord of chaotic comedy is still the talk of festivals well into 2014. Filled with laughs, torture, and gore, Cameron’s film has the ability to bring a smile to even the prude filled anti smut enthusiasts. Read on for your glimpse at the new trailer!

Starring an astonishing cast of Ryan Kiser, Heather Dorff, Devanny Pinn and Cameron herself Truth or Dare is a disturbing carnival ride of death, murder, and mayhem. We truly enjoyed ourselves at the screening at Days of The Dead Chicago and this news of a new trailer lets us know it is getting closer to being available for each and everyone of you. The trailer was edited by Smagalski Video Services and there is also some new cover art to check out as well. You can still pre order your copies of the film on their website listed below.


The award winning film was co written by Cameron along with co producing with Jon Higgins The artwork for the new cover was created by Fred Theil and Zulchakim Ak  . Sit back and enjoy the new trailer for a  film seen by many across the globe and look for news on distribution on Truth or Dare soon!




Truth Or Dare is directed by Jessica Cameron and stars Ryan Kiser, Heather Dorff, Devanny Pinn, Shelby Stehlin, Brandon Van Vliet, and Jesse Wilson. For more information on Truth Or Dare visit their official website: http://truthordarethemovie.com/



new one sheet

New one sheet for Jessica Cameron’s ‘Truth Or Dare’


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