4 Horsewomen of Horror

‘Deadly Dares’ VHS release information

This past Sunday the guys over at SRS have released Tim Ritter’s last (maybe) inclusion to the Truth Or Dare series with VHS release of DEADLY DARES. Available now on their site there are three edition you can pick up but you must move fast as there are limited amounts to them all. Read more after the break on how you can get your hands on the title along with a few other things.

There are three different versions of DEADLY DARES for you to purchase which comes as no surprise to SRS but the deluxe editions seems to have it all. There is a possible rumor that the lego that is included in the film is our dear friend Jessica Cameron who plays Dara in the film. Here is the release along with some stills and the trailer for DEADLY DARES.


Tim Ritter’s popular “Truth or Dare” series comes to an end (for now) this Sunday night on VHS with the first ever release of “Deadly Dares” in this format.  This brutal entry is just as gory and sleazy as you’ve come to expect from Tim and company, and is presented in an all new, never before seen 2014 special edition cut.  There will be the usual 3 versions – clam shell at $25, big box at $35 and deluxe edition at $50.  All 3 versions include a vhs, new art from James Reilly, a picture card and a mini poster.  The Deluxe edition includes a lego figure and the original 2013 DVD release.  Clam shell and big box buyers can add this items into their purchase at an additional charge.

To purchase your copy of DEADLY DARES or any of the other kick ass titles from SRS visit their site here: http://srscinema.com/home/?page_id=178&catid=1



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