Erotic Horror

Don’t expect a happy ending! ‘Massage Parlor of Death’ picks up distribution

SRS cinema looks to add to their ever growing collection of great underground films with the acquisition of Richard Mogg’s, MASSAGE PARLOR OF DEATH. This SOV (shot on video) release looks more authentic than that old VHS porn tape in the bottom of your closet and is just as fun. The story revolves around an insane massage therapists with a lust for blood. Read on after the break for the full details on the pick up of MASSAGE PARLOR OF DEATH.

The shot on video concept is one we feel may pick up soon as we see more and more filmmakers going the retro route. The way that MASSAGE PARLOR OF DEATH was recorded gives us one of the truest feels of throwback existence on film that we have seen in some time. It really shows the dynamic that was displayed in the late 80’s and early 90’s when film of this caliber decked the video stores. Here is the full release from SRS Cinema:


SRS Cinema LLC, a leading distributor of underground movies, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Richard Mogg’s “Massage Parlor of Death” for worldwide distribution.


“Ruby, an unlicensed massage therapist, has a nasty habit of killing her clients in the most horrific ways. Using the blood of her victims, Ruby attempts to resurrect the deranged spirit of her long-dead lover. But will her newly-hired hooker “employee” throw a wrench (or more) into the mix? You’ll have to find out in “MASSAGE PARLOR OF DEATH”… where there are NO HAPPY ENDINGS!”


Director Mogg took an interesting approach to the movie… The film was shot in 2 days with an anemic budget on full HD video. The print was cropped to 4×3, then run through a VCR twice to now be presented in authentic 2nd generation analog. “We’ve worked hard to include all the great SOV attributes too” reports Richard, “such as overflowing gore, cheesy dialog, incredible zooms, repeated use of the same single takes, dollar store props, and a great ending to leave you wanting more.”


The DVD will be packed for this movie, including both the analog “look” version and the original HD cut.  It will also include the trailer, a making of featurette, commentary track from the director and star, stills and possibly more.  “MPOD” will be released in both a limited VHS edition and a DVD edition, and will also be offered up to various VOD and foreign platforms. Look for a release in early 2015.

Hope you enjoy the trailer and images from the film and look for more as we get closer to the release. MASSAGE PARLOR OF DEATH looks like a bloody good romp that we can’t wait to see.


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