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Slender man look-alike ‘Flay’ will rip your face off

Tall, lanky and scary as all hell, Flay (Slender man look-alike) is coming out soon! He has a penchant for faces and looking at him sets him off. We have some behind the scenes photos and cast shots for everyone to check out, continue on to see Flay in the making:

Austin film Production Company, Phame Factory’s Director Eric Pham, is currently in production with his second feature film titled FLAY, a contemporary retelling of a Japanese and Native American folklore figure that “Flays” the face of his victims and who has a striking resemblance to Slender Man. Pham’s goal is to make a “Smart and Scary” horror film, which features a modern day boogeyman.

His cast includes Elle LaMont (Machete Kills), Michael Baldwin (Phantasm series), and Dalton Gray (Dumb and Dumber 2). Dir. Eric Pham’s previous is entitled (Action News Five). Pham’s list of visual effects include: SPY KIDS, SIN CITY, GRINDHOUSE, and many more.

Shooting will continue to take place in and around the Austin area through the 29th will conclude with multiple days at Hill Country Middle School. Phame Factory has already two more feature films in development including one that they aim to shoot January 2015. FLAYS likeness is bound to make audience white with fear!

Flay’s Movie Poster:

Movie Poster Flay


Now to the behind the scenes pictures and cast shots:

Also we have the official trailer for you to see right here:

Flay  is a Phame Factory productionDirected by Eric Pham. It stars Elle LaMont (Machete Kills), Michael Baldwin (Phantasm series), and Dalton Gray (Dumb and Dumber 2).


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