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Tim Ritter’s cult classic ‘Twisted Illusions’ returns to VHS

From the mid-eighties TWISTED ILLUSIONS brought us 7 unique stories that took anything imaginable and made it into a twisted tale.  Similar to other anthologies like CREEPSHOW and TWILIGHT ZONE, this brought some of the most unique stories to life. Below is more information on the VHS re-release and how you can get your hands on this limited collection.

Tim Ritter’s cult classic, “Twisted Illusions” returns to VHS this Sunday night in another limited edition release from Sub Rosa Studios. This anthology has been re-released before but in an “Ultimate Edition” which combined segments from it with “Twisted Illusions 2”. But fans have been clamoring for a solo release of the first movie, so we’ve responded. This release will feature the remastered first movie alone, and will come in the usual clam shell, big box and deluxe forms. The clam and big box editions will include the movie on VHS, new artwork from Andrew Peters, a 4×6 photo card, and 11×17 mini poster and a DVD-R for this remastered cut. The deluxe will feature all that, plus a bonus DVD-R of the original release, before Tim remastered it, which you’ll see is a bit rough around the edges but gives you a better idea of where Tim and Joel were as filmmakers at the time the movie was made back in the mid 80’s. The deluxe edition also comes with the bonus lego character (clam shell and big box buyers can add the lego character in for an additional price). The release will be limited to just 30 units.
Photo courtesy of SRS Cinema

Photo courtesy of SRS Cinema

This release goes up for sale this Sunday night, 7/6/14, at 7pm EST. Be there on time, these titles have been selling out quick lately! 

Photo courtesy of SRS Cinema

Photo courtesy of SRS Cinema

To purchase your copy of TWISTED ILLUSIONS or any of the other kick ass titles from SRS visit their site here: http://srscinema.com/home/?page_id=178&catid=1


TWISTED ILLUSIONS is being released courtesy of Sub Rosa Studios.


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