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Am I my brother’s keeper? ‘Infliction’ – movie review

All through history there have been cases of family secrets shut behind closed doors for far too long. Usually when that is the case it tends to lead to murder and ends up as an E Hollywood Story on famous serial killers. An example of this would be the infamous Menendez Brothers who are wildly famous for their courtroom romp on the murder trial for the death of their parents. In Jack Thomas Smith, INFLICTION we see this played out in the ultimate fashion. Where judge and jury are played out through knife and gun. In this found footage thriller we witness two brothers embarking on a murder spree to avenge wrongdoings done to them in the past. Read on for more.

The dynamic of the two brothers in this film is very familiar and sets up the pace and tone of Infliction. Using everything from handhelds to monitor cameras unlike most FF, Infliction’s tapes have a higher  purpose and are their own device for the coming reasons of murder and mayhem. John Stiles played by Jason Mac is the catalyst behind the plan and in accordance to their roles from their youth dictates every move he and brother Kenny (Elliott Armstrong) must make. Kenny follows the lead of his older brother and will do anything for him. The question that must be answered is, is he ready for the dark ride John is going to take the two of them on?

The Stiles brothers are a devious pair that you will never forget. While most of their carnage is devised by John there is a darkness that resides in Kenny that comes to fruition in certain moments. The wickedness that resides in Infliction is felt throughout and provides a solid found footage film. There are small annoyances laced through stellar moments of dread that caused parts to drag, but the stative of the brothers allows Infliction to flourish.


What will hurt the film for some viewers is the constant deflection of John to reveal his true intentions to Kenny. It causes the film to slow down which takes it’s toll since there is some time in between each death. When the murdering starts they are set up impeccably raw and vicious. Any fan of horror will appreciate the fluid nature of Infliction as it is a well written film that leaves little to the imagination. Director Jack Thomas Smith excels behind the lens bringing a unique voyage to the over saturated and overused found footage genre.

Image from 'Infliction'

Image from ‘Infliction’

Anytime you deal with the harsh reveal of a disturbingly disgruntled family the impending outcome has a chance to be subdued and unrewarding. That is not the case in Infliction as the climactic scene is both welcoming and successful. After witnessing Infliction you will be left with a feeling of resolve. The bad deeds of the Stiles family and those involved with the kids is sick cigarette burn on the subconscious.  A cruel and harsh reminder of the evil humans can achieve. Infliction is a macabre thrill ride of two brothers dealing with the demons from their childhood. One of the better found footage film of the past few years Infliction should be one your list of films not to miss in 2014.


3 / 5


Infliction is written and directed by Jack Thomas Smith. It stars Jason Mac, Elliott Armstrong, and Ana Shaw. It is available now on DVD and most on demand outlets. It is screening at the upcoming Horror Realm Film Festival. For more information on Infliction visit the official website: http://www.inflictiontapes.com/ Give them a “Like” on their FB page as well.

Horror Realm Film Festival Details

Pittsburgh, PA

August 15th – 17th

Horror Realm Film Festival

Hollywood Theatre – Dormont

1449 Potomac Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15216

(412) 563-0368



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