An object of desire is near with ‘Fixation’

From the creator that brought us ANNA: SCREAM QUEEN KILLER, The Aquinas is bringing FIXATION. Sex, lust, blood, and even more sex. FIXATION provides confusion, intrigue and even draws up emotions, you didn’t know you had.  The trailer and stills are below, remember to take caution its not for the weak willed.

British actress, Mercedy, has been chosen for the new erotic horror, Fixation: When Art Goes Too Far. A raunchy and artistic creation of the film Director, The Aquinas (Scream Queen Killer, Dark Satanic Magick, Ancient Demon Succubi).

Mercedy lives in Manchester, England, and is a sexy, brave and trained actress with a heart for horror. Her new film, Fixation, is based around the character of a young art student who pushes her boundaries while creating erotic art and ends up in a strange and bizarre world of horror.

The Aquinas, the Director, chose Mercedy from a host of applicants because of her strong will power and acting ability. Known for strange films that often confuse the critics, The Aquinas intends Fixation to be even more weird.

The film has been shot and is now in post-production, with more being planned with Mercedy.

The music for the film has been written and recorded by the band, Great Northern Hotel and a music video, Directed by The Aquinas, will be shot soon. It’s being aimed at getting banned and will be highly erotic and gruesome.

Here is the trailer.

Here are the highly provocative and sexy photos.

And now for the poster.

Courtesy of The Aquinas

Courtesy of The Aquinas

1 poster

To find out more about the film visit the blog at

FIXATION is created by The Aquinas, it stars Mercedy.



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