Erotic Horror

Jay Lind’s ‘Carmilla’ returns to VHS from Sub Rosa Video!

Fans of Vampire flicks in the 90s will remember Carmilla when it was first released by Draculina.  Now, Sub Rosa Studios has pumped fresh blood into Jay Lind’s vampire classic!  An all-new VHS re-release hits July 27th!  Here’s how you can dig your claws into it…

Sub Rosa Studios is excited to bring Jay Lind’s SOV erotic classic Carmilla back to VHS this Sunday night, 7/27, at 7pm EST, in a very limited 30 unit edition.  Starring Maria Pechukas, Heather Warr and Andy Gorkey, and written and directed by Jay Lind and Jeff Schelenker, this flick was shot on a combination of SVHS and HI8 back in the 90′s, and was an instant best seller via its original distributor Draculina back in the day.

“The legendary tale of Carmilla is brought to life once more in a version more daring than ever told before.  Now the infamous She-Vampire is living in modern Long Island, NY, and her prey are the darling and delicious teenagers who populate her up-scale town.  Inspired by the seminal 1871 tale by Irish author J. Sheridan Le Fanu.”
Director Jay Lind has put his own stamp on the legendary story which has seen many incarnations over the years.  But unlike the others, Jay took all the most erotic and bloody elements of the story to an extreme never seen before.  This is Carmilla in her most raw form, and the production format adds an extra element to the movie that completes the overall tone and feel of the movie.

Sub Rosa Studios’ VHS releases have been selling out fast!  None have lasted more than a week over the last few months, and ‘Twisted Illusions’ sold out within 2 days, so make sure you arrive at the Sub Rosa Webstore EARLY!


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