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A killing or is it ‘The Bunnyman Massacre’ aka ‘Bunnyman 2’ – movie review

I never shy away from a film that starts killing people immediately but THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE takes it a step further.  Bunnyman (the killer) was an actual legend that stemmed from Virginia in 1970. There was also an incident that happened with similarity in Washington D.C.. Whatever the case, the legend, the killer, the one that completes the massacre has come to life in the BUNNYMAN series. Read below for the rest of my review.

In this sequel, Bunnyman is given a whole new playing field. At the beginning he murders a bus full and goes on to work with his family to kill some hikers that visit his lonely turf. There are very few moments in which there is not an impending death and with those scenes THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE takes you into the inner workings of the mind and what a person would do to survive.


Dark and morose, there are scenes that are so intense that I was glued to the screen. The phrasing ‘it’s like watching a train wreck’ comes to mind. Some of the deaths are creative and intense while others are very similar to the original.

The Bunnyman himself is revealed to one of the victims, it’s a chance to learn more of the psychotics behind the killer. BUNNYMAN MASSACRE really gives us more than the first did, it gives us more depth and really gives credence to the cult horror that it is.

The camera work at times seems to show signs of an actual formal education and then in other moments reminds me of guerrilla techniques. The lighting tends to work at times, but other times is very dingy. I could tell that Carl Lindbergh is definitely improving with his film making and I can honestly say if it continues then when BUNNYMAN 3 becomes a thing, I will be looking forward to it.


The acting in this film was about average, with the acception of Joshua Lang (Bunnyman). He has the ability to play this costumed murderer with elegance and poise, being able to express emotions and put across everything that is needed without have a face or subtle nuances. I can honestly say that the pair up between Lindbergh and Lang is ultimately a perfect combination that is getting better with age.

On a completely different note, this film was tacky, it was filled with murder without rhyme or reason (not saying that is a bad thing). I feel like if Lindbergh pursues a sequel to his sequel then he definitely needs to add the explanation as to what the hell is going on. Even real life serial killers have past that fuel their desires for death and in the first Bunnyman there was a glimpse as to what had happened.

I feel like if you have seen BUNNYMAN, then you have to see the second one THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE aka BUNNYMAN 2. If you haven’t seen the first one, then find it and watch it. These are great studies as to how to take a legend and twist it just right for audience viewing.



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