Filmiracle Productions

Short Film Spotlight: ‘Violets Bloom At An Empty Grave’

Some time back we introduced to you guys the workings of Filmiracle Productions who gave us the giallo inspired THE COLD EYES OF DEATH. Well they have returned with another Italian styled horror from the timeless period in, VIOLETS BLOOM AT AN EMPTY GRAVE. This time director Chris Milewski gives us the treat of a more supernatural themed short still shown with the seduction and detail that we come to expect from Filmiracle. Take a look after the jump for the short film VIOLETS BLOOM AT AN EMPTY GRAVE and read the review from our own MD, Travis.

VIOLETS BLOOM AT AN EMPTY GRAVE is a low-budget short horror film in the tradition of 80s Italian Horror starring Karen Lynn Widdoss (THE COLD EYES OF DEATH) and featuring the voices of cult Italian cinema veterans, Franco Garofalo (Bruno Mattei’s HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE OTHER HELL) & Silvia Collatina (Lucio Fulci’s HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY. Filmiracle Productions is proud to once again work with Maestro Fabio Frizzi (Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND, etc.,) whose original soundtrack is the glue that holds this bizarre piece together. Expect something weird…

VIOLETS BLOOM AT AN EMPTY GRAVE is a beautifully haunting short feature from director Chris Milewski. The soft tone and look of the short takes me back to a day when I was only able to see these movies late at night during the summers of my youth. The mesmerizing voice of the brother in the feature is terrifying and enriching at the same time. I found myself rewinding the letter portion over and over. For those in the industry that are trying to recreate the slow burning thrillers from the past need to look no further what’s being done at Filmiracle. Them along with companies such as Brinkvision and SRS are leading the indie film industry in beautifully crafted thrillers and horror films. Violets is another engaging reminder of that. Karen Lyn Widdoss is not only gorgeous but refreshing with her performance that will not be forgotten from some time. When they tell us to expect something weird, they forgot to mention we would be craving for more. Bring on the full feature already!

-Travis Brown (critic and Managing Director for Horror Movies Uncut)


VIOLETS BLOOM AN AT EMPTY GRAVE is directed by Chris Milewski and stars Silvia Collatina, Franco Garofalo, and Karen Lynn Widdoss.


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