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‘The Killers Resolute’ Episode 2 recap

The Killers Resolute Episode Two…it’s ALIVE!

The Killers Resolute is back with its next episode and like any good sophomore release, TKR delivered some new flavor without losing the original sound. In Part 2 – Dahlia Frankenstein, we are introduced to new faces that are seemingly unconnected to our first story. In this chapter it is strongly alluded that we are witness to the  creation of a monster in the form of Student Nurse Dahlia Frankenstein. What kind of monster? That remains to be seen.

True to form, as in the first episode, writer/director Chris Grega proves an apt story teller as the tale of Dahlia (Halley Moore) is weaved into a very neat and interestingly enough, compelling, gritty little tale. There is no wasted movement. We are presented with a nuanced image of a young girl that, either by fate or causation, is reborn into a fearless, one might even say, resolute (yeah I did) killer. I must also add, Abigail Hatfield’s eye twitch as the young Dahlia is nothing short of a perfect physical performance. Intentional directing or maybe just the sun in her eyes, but either way it is a lovely move that creates more depth into Dahlia’s character which I have already decided is my choice for winning psychopath.

The Killers Resolute Episode 2 is a simple, yet surprisingly effective character piece that gives the audience their first taste of blood. Upon a bit closer examination we are presented with what may very well be the running theme of the series presented in the opening episode. “What is Evil?” When added in conjunction to the first episode, it also creates a hook that keeps you guessing what kind of story exactly it is you have stumbled into. So far it is shaping up to be a gleefully twisted and bloody one.




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