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‘Audition’ Remake to Shoot this Fall

“Aw, nut balls,” is the phrase I’m pretty sure I uttered when I saw someone was going to remake Audition.

Image from 'Audition'

Image from ‘Audition’

Audition was my introduction into the strange and wonderful world of Japanese horror. I loved how the film slowly built to its amazingly gross conclusion. And while Audition is full of the disgusting body horror any decent, gore loving woman adores, it’s also got one hell of a plot line. Wronged woman seeks solid man + con man seeks cute woman = disaster with a murderous bent.

According to Bloody Disgusting, director Richard Gray (The Lookalike, Mine Games) will helm the remake and executive producer Mario Kassar, Terminator, Basic Instinct, etc., is assembling the cast. The remake will be based on Ryu Murakami’s 1997 novel, rather than the 1999 film version.

Image from 'Audition'

Image from ‘Audition’

Now, who knows. This remake could totally rock. But in general, remakes of classics are terrible. For example, The Last House on the Left redo was terrible. And some remakes are exactly the same, such as Funny Games. But sometimes, remakes, such as the recent Evil Dead re-imaging, manage to honor the original film while traveling down a different road. So, if Gray covers the territory the novel traversed, this film could take an interesting turn and be just as good, or at least comparable, to the original. One thing I hope the remake does maintain: The original film’s unassuming strong female lead who is an expert at exacting her often times misguided revenge on men. That shit is entertaining.

I will inevitably watch the remake no matter what because I’m a fan. And I truly hope to all that is evil that Gray makes good use of piano wire.


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