Crowd Funding

MHFF 14’ launches Indiegogo

Man, everywhere you look these days there are Kickstarters and Indiegogos on everything from films to webcam girls looking to move. It begs the question why get involved at all anymore? While some have great success others fail miserably and ends up hurting the projects more than helping. It’s a very polarizing subject and our own Abbie Stutzer is currently piecing together one of her compelling editorials on the subject. Some crowd funding does make sense and should gain the attention of the audience and one in particular is the Mile High Film Festival.

No this is not a ploy to gain access to their event, (or is it?). This is a festival we have reached out to sometime ago to attend and we shall do so while providing our top notch festival coverage as always. Though when we see they are treading into a new area to make sure they have the resources to keep the festival continuing for many years, then we can at least do our part to spread the word. Honestly we here at HMUNCUT have never backed any project and will continue not to as to show no favoritism on our site. That being said some of our team has made contributions to some projects out there and will continue to do so as they seem fit. We really implore you to get behind this go go because this is not just an amazing opportunity to the fans, but also to the filmmakers who have a chance to show their work to all of you. As usual there are great incentives for a specific donation. Check out the info on the indiegogo below and head to this site to help fund this great campaign:


Indiegogo Info:


Our mission is to showcase the very best of genre films from around the world, while bringing top-notch talent from the horror genre to Denver.


Festival Trailer from MHFF 13’

In five years of presenting independent horror films in the Mile High City, the folks working on this festival have yet to make a dime.  To be honest with you, we could care less if we ever make money off of bringing great film, filmmakers, and audiences together.

We had a bit of a reckoning this year, however, when we realized that we have been pulling from our own personal savings to present the event and that is not a sustainable way to fund the festival in the long-term.  We want to be around in 20 years;  we truly love our fans and love what we do.

As such, we’re asking each of you to invest in making this festival a little more financially responsible.  Not a single dime contributed to us will go to paying salaries; all funds will go toward hosting celebrities, bringing the horror films with the greatest buzz to Denver, and bringing fans the most creative, cutting-edge entertainment we can find.

We owe our existence to you, our fans.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Check out the great perks support this campaign and we will see you in Denver!


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