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Cheaters never win, they usually just die! ‘Bunni’ – movie review

Filled with gore and torture BUNNI is a good time for any slasher film lover who enjoys the simplicity and rawness of the the sub genre. All the elements of a well done cut em up film are here from a nice body count to some good old all american tits and ass. What starts out as out as a night filled with expectations of fun quickly become a gore filled murdering spree.

I found a lot of enjoyment with BUNNI. There wasn’t anything that truly put me off of the film and coming in at around 60 mins was an added bonus. so instead of beating around the bush setting up something that didn’t need to be we are dropped right into the world of this group of friends looking to enjoy themselves on Halloween. The idea of an abandon sex shop was ingenious and really showed that filmmaker Daniel Benedict has the ability to think even a step further to put his own wit and charm on a traditional slasher tale. Don’t let the name fool you though BUNNI is an orgy of murder and mayhem!


The brutality displayed in BUNNI is a true staple to this generations filmmakers obsession with gore and lewdness. Gorehounds will get a kick out of the unfiltered madness that Bunni brings and best of all the cast is great including the killer who happens to be the best looking killer milf of all time. I could have easily gotten another 30 minutes out of BUNNI especially with the likes of Mercedes Varble as Paige. She would hold her ground in any capacity and has some nice scream queenish qualities about her. Cat Geary also thrives as BUNNI  as it is always refreshing to see a female killer in slashers. Cat’s movements and actions mimic the greats of the sub genre. You can tell she is a student and fan of slashers and I hope this is not the last we see of here.


You can tell the cast and crew had a blast making BUNNI and that always produces stellar results. What BUNNI i lacking in overall depth it makes up for with great gags and kill scenes. Most filmmakers want to take an easier route and minimize the carnage but goes all out. Benedict not only reaches the desired results of the effects he exceeds them. Most of us want to make horror films this simple and well done but many would not get the same response as BUNNI. The execution of the solid tale of revenge is a perfect fit in the unbiased world of body count pile em up films. Truly a treat!




BUNNI is directed by Daniel Benedict and stars Mercedez Varble, Kent Blue, Cat Geary, Sara Ammons, Alexandria Hendrix, and Sabrina Hulsman. It was featured at last weekends Fright Night Film Fest and is now available for pre order on DVD. To get your hands on BUNNI visit the website:


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