88mm Productions

Catch ‘The Killers Resolute’ Episode 4 right now!

Another stellar episode of Chris Grega’s The Killers Resolute drops tonight from 88mm Productions!  Since we know our awesome fans have been glued to this malevolent webseries from the beginning , we can’t wait to show you what’s slithering forth tonight…

Our very own Eli DeGeer gets highlighted tonight!  Get a glimpse into what makes her slithering character Lindsey Cunningham tick.  You’ll be introduced to Det. James Flint (Dan Probst), too.  Maybe these two have a history together?


THE KILLERS RESOLUTE An American blood-bath psychopath fairy-tale shows Tuesday, August 5 2014 at 8pm Central time!

It continues with Episode 4, Part 3 “Live from Polk County”
Lindsey Cunningham (Eli DeGeer) displays her journalistic integrity to Det. James Flint (Dan Probst)
While Dahlia (Halley Moore) helps Ronnie (John Bratkowski) clean up his mother’s house.


Look for the official recap from WickdChris soon and make sure to catch up on what you have been missing here.


To see all that is THE KILLERS RESOLUTE visit their official pages below!


official site:



88mm site:







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