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New horror/ thriller ‘Sting’ from award-winning horror filmmaker Alex Aronson

We just received word that principal photography has wrapped on Sting, award-winning horror filmmaker Alex Aronson’s newest concoction!  We gotta admit, we’re looking forward to this who-done-it…

Bonus for WWE fans:  Spazman Simmons plays Detective Hanna who is searching for the elusive truth in this mystery thriller!

lindsay searching

After three girls rob a convenience store, they set out on a drug filled, party crazed road trip.  Soon after, they get into a terrible car accident.  The girls are assisted by a mysterious stranger…  Who can the girls trust when revenge becomes killer?  With twist after twist the audience will never guess how it ends.

ashley axe

Stay tuned right here to Horror Movies Uncut for all burning Sting news!

Expected for release in 2015, Sting stars Erika Langworthy, Taylor Lee, Kenny Yohon, Jessica Bell, Mandy Mae, Mario Visic, and Craig “Spazman” Simmons.  Written and directed by Alex Aronson.

Additional production updates can be followed at www.facebook.com/stingmovie


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