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It’s an ugly game of cat and mouse ‘Mad In Italy’ – movie review

We all know loners. Those guys who are quiet at work. Tend to keep to themselves. What we don’t know is what goes on behind closed doors. Like for instance that guy that seems nice and lives down the street from you has a woman tied up in his bathroom. In Paolo Fazzini’s MAD IN ITALY we find a lost soul trying to keep it together during a burdening time. A midst the background of shaky dealings and beautiful landscape MAD IN ITALY is a working mans tale of terror.

Images from 'Mad In Italy'

Images from ‘Mad In Italy’

Delusional, childish. and down right sadistic. These are a few words that could describe the brilliant role portrayed by the killer David (Gianluca Testa). While you are intrigued with the backstory of David and watch him groom his prey. Another dynamic is introduced to the story that brings a giallo inspired feel which we would come to expect from the Italian filmmakers.


Paolo is great behind the camera as he delivers a visual kaleidoscope that was clearly ahead of his time. If you take a look around indie films these days you will see a lot of angles and views that was used by Fazzini more than three years ago. The down trodden lifestyle of David is what propels him to an anti hero status as he deals with men of corruption and power while still holding on to his desire for love and acceptance from his victim. There is an arthouse quality to the look and feel of MAD IN ITALY. The gore is clean and specific which works to set up the disturbing nature of our killer.

Images from 'Mad In Italy'

Images from ‘Mad In Italy’


MAD IN ITALY is a mesmerizing Italian indie feature. It is a slow burning tale of a psychopath and his tortuous game of cat and mouse. There could have been a few more climactic moments to keep the film moving at a great pace. Not to take away from any of the characters portrayed in the film but there were times when I was expecting an explanation to earlier events in the film but found no resolve. Even though MAD IN ITALY sends you down a dark road of despair the wrath of our killer is nothing we have never seen before. Genre fans will enjoy the essence of MAD IN ITALY. The common viewers will look at this film in the same light as many others. Even still the style of the film mixed with a great narrative and depth allows MAD IN ITALY to work even for multiple viewings.


3/ 5



MAD IN ITALY is directed by Paolo Fazzini and stars Gianluca Testa, Eleonora Bolla, Rodolfo Medina, Andrea Debruyn, Giovanni Maria Buzzatti, Philippe Guastella, Maurizio Vannicola, and Paolo Sciamanna. MAD IN ITALY is available on DVD courtesy of MVD.


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