Chaotic Films

Open that door and we all die! ‘The Hideout’ now available

Out for purchase right now is the crime story turned zombie romp from Chaotic Films THE HIDEOUT. Directed by the Denny Barnes it’s the story of five thieves who decide to do a heist with the worst timing ever. The film is now available for you to see and we have all the details right here!



Head over to

Written/Directed by Denny Barnes

Starring: Patrick Lazzara, Anthony Fitzgerald, Eric Stayberg, Jadi Stuart, and I. Elijah Baughman.

Due to exuberant fan demand and to ensure that best and quickest possible access to The Hideout movie, producers have just released the film for purchase and confirmed a second film to be announced. Please for updates.

The film explores the nature of greed while the world is in complete turmoil. After a robbery, five thieves take refuge in a cabin as distrust and greed stirs among the group an infection spreads and chaos ensues.



The film looks like a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see it. We have it in our possession right now so look for a review soon from our newest contributor from Los Angeles Heather Lee. If you don’t want to wait head over to the link to watch this film right now!

Official poster for 'The Hideout' courtesy of Chaotic Films

Official poster for ‘The Hideout’ courtesy of Chaotic Films


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