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Exclusive Q&A with “Kissing’ Cousin Lulu” Rachel Faulkner from ‘Hillbilly Horror Show’

Quickly around here at HMUNCUT we are becoming a one stop shop for all you need HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW y’all! Well with the news breaking not to long ago that the scream queen Tamara Glynn was joining the show we felt it was appropriate to give the current leading lady her time to shine. If you have watched the show or been paying close attention to our site then you are aware of the “talents” Rachel Faulkner has as Kissing’ Cousin Lulu and she was kind enough to share them with us!

Interview conducted by Travis Brown

So where are you originally from and when is the first time you were ever approached about modeling?

Scott Geiter, Bo Keister, and Rachel Faulkner comprise HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW

Scott Geiter, Bo Keister, and Rachel Faulkner comprise HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW

– I’m originally from Georgia and I wasn’t approached about modeling until my sophomore year of college in Virginia. One of my college friends who was a photographer asked me to do a photoshoot and after seeing how well it went, he suggested I pursue modeling on the side. Little did I know it would soon become a big part of my career.

Growing up what kind of girl where you? A girlie girl or more of a tomboy?

– I was most definitely a tomboy. I grew up with two older brothers and I was always wearing their clothes. My dad was also a high school track coach, so I went to almost every single one of his meets and practices, and sports become a huge part of my life growing up.

Even though you are an amazing looking model and hit Maxims top list was the goal always to be an actress?

– Initially, I would have never thought about acting. I was very shy until I started modeling. Modeling helped me come out of my shell and it became my version of “silent acting”. It was only a matter of time before I started to do extra work and get bookings as an actress, so now acting has become an even bigger outlet for me.

How was the response from being in the popular male magazine, did you start getting recognized more?

– Unfortunately, I only appear on Maxim.com and not in the print issue, and they tend not to tag model’s social media accounts. So if viewers become a fan of my photos, they had to do some research to find where they could follow me. However, Maxim did offer an amazing addition to my resume.

So how did you hook up with Hillbilly Horror Show and did you know either Bo or Scott beforehand? How is it working with those guys?

– My agent Sheri Bias at Liquid Talent called me one afternoon and asked if I would be interested in auditioning for a comedic show about hillbillies. I had to laugh a little bit at first, but I figured why not; let’s take the chance! I filmed a quick audition before I was off to class, and Bo loved my audition and the rest was history! I did not know either Bo or Scott prior to, but they have been very kind to me and we have become our own little hillbilly family. It’s hard not to joke around when the three of us are together.

Now I must ask are you ready for all that is to come with you wearing the scantily clad outfits on the show? You know a majority of the viewers will be males right?

– Haha I believe so. I dealt with some of the same attention from modeling before, so hopefully that will prepare me for what’s to come!

What kind of feedback have you heard from the show so far and what surprises you?

– I have heard mostly positive feedback. A lot of laughs and jokes have been presented to me as well, but that’s precisely what we’re going for. We want people to enjoy the shows we feature but still be able to laugh at Bo, Scott, and my jokes. The fact that this show has presented many opportunities took me by surprise. It’s one thing to hear that it potentially could put me on the map, but it’s another thing to experience it.

Is there any mention of you guys hitting conventions because i’m sure the Hillbilly Horror line will be a long one?

– Yes, we certainly plan on hitting conventions in the near future. Nothing is set in stone from my understanding, but we really would like to take part in conventions as soon as we can.

Has there been any new opportunities to come your way from your small time on the show?

– More people have approached me about pursuing my comedic acting career after seeing me take part in Hillbilly Horror Show. I’ve also received more interviews, magazine features, and emails overall.

In your own words how would you describe Cousin Lulu?

– Lulu is sexy, difficult, and goofy. She always finds herself completing odd end tasks around the house, but with a hillbilly twist of course.

The boys of HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW commenting on Lulus assets!

The boys of HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW commenting on Lulus assets!

Now I hear we will see Emma Jo played by iconic Tamara Glynn soon who is also a producer on the show, how is it working with her?

– I haven’t had the chance to physically work with Tamara Glynn on set, but you can expect to see her debut in upcoming episodes. From our communication online, she seems like a sweetheart and I look forward to working with her!

Next is the most important question of the interview, will we see a cousin Lulu spinoff? Just kidding how excited are you to be in an upcoming mobile game?

– Haha I’m super excited! Having a mobile game was something I could have never guessed would be in my future, but I’m thrilled for its release, and I can’t wait to see its outcome!

What’s next for Cousin Lulu in Hillbilly Horror Show are you going to be sticking around for a bit?

– Lulu will be around for a while. She may host guest appearances on the show, but she’ll still be the good ‘ol kissing cousin that she is, just with more exciting outfits each volume.

Last but not least can you give us a little tease about the upcoming project you are attached to The Possession Experiment?

– Yes! The Possession Experiment was a blast to work on. It was a local production but we had some amazing talent take part like Bill Moseley, and Greg Travis. I play Brittney who is the love interest of the main character’s college roommate. This film features some breath-taking shots as well as violent exorcisms and killings. It’s a must-see thriller.

Rachel you are awesome thanks so much for your time and please keep me informed on anything you are doing related to my beloved world of horror/action and sci fi. Good luck with everything you do!

– Thank you so much for having me! I wish you nothing but the best as well.

Don’t forget to pick up Vol 1 of Hillbilly Horror Show when it arrives October 21st! Pre order it right now on Amazon!


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