Exclusive Clips

Finger puppet theater gorefest clip for ‘Varsity Blood’

Nice to see that the all american slashers are still coming a plenty on both the lower and upper indie levels. Image drops VARSITY BLOOD on us on August 19th. It looks to be filled with a nice body count and huge mainstream appeal. To gear you up for the release the folks over at Image have released an insane clip from the film re-enacted by finger puppets. Yes you heard us finger puppets.

VARSITY BLOOD  will be available on DVD August 19th. The Jake Helgren slasher just got an unique makeover in the form of a bloody finger puppet show that you have to see!

This football season, Hogeye High’s Warriors and cheerleaders are out for blood.  Unfortunately, someone is out for theirs, and they’ll be forced to take one for the team. After the big Halloween football match, the students are joined by an uninvited guest dressed as their high school mascot armed with a bow and arrow, a battle-axe, and an insatiable appetite for butchery. Soon, they find themselves fighting for more than the winning score as terror becomes the name of the game.   Featuring “enough inventive kills to keep even the most rabid gorehound happy,”   Varsity Blood is “a supremely entertaining slasher rollercoaster” (Hysteria Lives!).

VARSITY BLOOD is directed and written by Jake Helgren (Finding Mr. Wright, Bloody Homecoming) and stars Lexi Giovagnoli (1 Chance 2 Dance, 3 Times a Charm), Wesley Scott (Deep in the Heart), Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet), Natalie Peyton, Blair Jackson, and Elyse Bigler. VARSITY BLOOD is being distributed by RLJ Image Entertainment.


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