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‘The Killers Resolute’ Episode 5 recap

The Killers Resolute Episode 5 is the last nail in our tale’s coffin. We have been steadily rolling up the proverbial roller coaster and it seems we have finally reached the precipice and all hell is about to break loose. In Chapter 5: Darling Rhett, we are introduced to the last member of our motley band of psychopaths, Rhett Darling.

We find Rhett meticulously at work, rooting clearing the blemished out of the skin of damaged cars like he mentioned to Ronnie in Garage Band. Slow, methodical, and exacting work, chapter 5 is a textbook illustration of the precision actions of the serial killer archetype. When our destructive duo happens into Rhett’s workplace, they seem all business and no play until Rhett’s blemish of an employer throws a wrench into the plans. Fortunately for our twosome, Rhett is a master of extracting annoying blemishes. Perhaps there is more to Rhett’s back story than a simple craftsman. With a smashing audition, Rhett completes our garage band and we are ready to rock and roll into infamy with the Spark Plug’s “Cherry Bomb” blasting away.

Episode 5 is our launching point. The die are cast, the players are staged, and all that is left is to throw back the curtains and see where their paths lie. The Killers Resolute has played a strong steady hand with its first half. Well placed cards that have enough weight and depth, that they should be able to play strong against any bet. The top of the roller coaster. From here the story could veer into any direction. Whichever way it does turn, there is enough momentum and sheer brutality that any direction we go from here is sure to be a smashing, bloody good time.



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