Killer Curse casts a spell on us!

From long-time designer (and good friend) David Royal comes an amazing Kickstarter campaign. Royal is launching a mesmerizing new line of clothing called Killer Curse – just wait ’til you see the illuminated depravity that spills from within…

What’s even more impressive is Killer Curse has surpassed their modest Kickstarter goal already!  Lucky for you horror fiends, there’s still time to get involved, and snag some nifty necro-themed swag right here:

Upcoming nefarious designs include:

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Killer Curse is a clothing company specializing in bold messages and alt fashion – a brand which hopes to make heads turn with its bold messages and strong visuals. We believe that every person has the right to express themselves through what they wear and how they wear it.

Killer Curse is run by designer David Royal who has been in the field for 13+ years, and has professional experience in working with screen printed graphics and has made designs for bands, video companies, and more.

All of the Kickstarter campaign money will go into producing our first design, promotion, and maintaining our website. We’ve done the math – and at $400, we will be more than good to get our vision off the ground and rolling in no time.

Our shirts will be of the highest quality material, and printed locally in Syracuse, NY by a well-known independent screen-printing company.

Killer Curse‘s designs will be available in both Men’s and Women’s style shirts, with sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra extra large.

Killer Cvrse is everywhere!


Find and follow Killer Curse everywhere online!

Official Website:





…and make sure you dig your claws into their Kickstarter goodies before time runs out!  They’ve released new designs already, and you know that means more evil will be seeping out soon…






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