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Interview with ‘Altergeist’ star Kristina Anapau

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the actress Kristina Anapau on behalf of Horror Movies Uncut about her upcoming film Altergeist. The multi-talented Anapau trained in ballet (an experience that prepared her for her role as Galina in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan) and studied music before turning to acting. She is also a writer, has a keen interest in fashion (more of which later) and has been involved with the Stand Up to Cancer charity organisation. As if that wasn’t enough, her acting career has found her roles in Grimm, True Blood and Without A Trace. I found her to be extremely friendly and warm when interviewing her. Here’s how it went…

Hi. How are you? I believe you’ve been in Europe recently…

That’s right; I just got back from Switzerland recently. I’m good thanks.

Do you travel a lot then?

 I do. I usually travel a couple of times a year over to Europe, I’ve got quite a few friends over there and I lived in Geneva for a while.

A lot of people will know you as Maurella (the faerie character) from True Blood. That must have been a fun part to play. Can you tell us a little about your experience on the show?

I loved it! The crew were very much like a family. Every one helped each other out and there was a great atmosphere on set. It was a lot of fun playing Maurella yes, it was great being able to be a part of such an imaginative world and play someone who can read minds and shoot balls of light from her hands!

You play the lead role in the upcoming film Altergeist. Did you enjoy the filming process?



Well, we were filming in a beautiful area called Sonoma in California.  It was gorgeous driving into work every day just before sunset, then working all night and then driving home during the most beautiful sunrise, so the commute was fantastic. It was quite physical work though… I did a lot of running around and screaming!

The film is based on true events isn’t it?

Yes, we shot it on location at Korbel Winery and a lot of real things have happened on that property. One of the producers grew up there and experienced a lot of strange supernatural things, so he and the writer/director, Tedi Sarafian created the script based around those experiences.

How did you cope with the additional pressure of playing a lead role?

Well, there’s always a lot of responsibility when playing the lead, but that dissipated after just a few days because the rest of the crew were so supportive and friendly. 

Your character in the film is the head of a paranormal investigation team. Can you tell us a bit more about her?

Her name is Theresa Augland, she’s a director/producer and she takes her team of ghost hunters and filmmakers up to the winery for a weekend when there’s nobody there so they’re completely alone and they discover what they came for and a whole lot more besides.

What was it that first attracted you to the film?

It was a great a great script and I was drawn to Theresa’s strength and intuition. Tedi – who worked on Terminator 3 and Tank Girl – writes really wonderful strong female roles.

What do you think makes Altergeist stand out from other ghost-story films?

It’s really scary and entertaining. It has that edge of your seat atmosphere that you normally get in paranomal horror films, but it’s also got really good cinematography andreally well developed characters. It’s got a lot of depth and different dimensions that I think horror fans will love.

You’ve acted in quite a lot of TV and films that could be classed as horror. Are you a fan of the genre yourself?

I do enjoy psychological thrillers. Rosemary’s Baby… things like that. I love all the old Hitchcock films.

Have you got any other projects lined up for the future?

I’m in a film called Miss India America, the directorial debut by Ravi Kapoor, which will be out soon- I’m looking forward to that.  Another interesting film called “Near Myth: The Oscar Knight Story” will be out shortly. Also, a beautiful little period film called “4”, set in Paris and directed by the very talented Ashley Avis and this fall I start filming a very cool period piece set in 1970’s Hawaii – It will be great shooting in Maui!

You’re also launching a new fashion brand aren’t you?

Yes, I am launching a company! Color It New is a fashion product that has been in the works for almost 4 years, and I’m very excited to share it with the world!

To learn more about Color It New go towww.coloritnew.com
twitter: @coloritnew
instagram: @coloritnew
Official Altergeist website – www.altergeistmovie.com

You can find Kristina at – www.facebook.com/kristinaanapau

twitter: @kristinaanapau

Adrian Hall

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