Check out the first five minutes of the giallo styled thriller ‘SONNO PROFONDO’

A while back we told you guys about the amazing looking giallo film being released by Brinkvision Luciano Onetti’s  SONNO PROFONDO.  The film will be releasing a limited edition DVD on August 26th and they have released the first five minutes for you to see. Of course we have it here for you after the break but make sure you check out the details on the special edition VHS that has some extra goodies.

BrinkVision is releasing SONNO PROFONDO August 26th on Limited Edition DVD, and September 23rd on VHS. The VHS is strictly limited to 200 copies on a red VHS collector’s tape, and will include some great vintage extras.

Sonno Profondo is the critcially acclaimed, award winning film that brings Giallo back using some of the best 70’s horror style filmmaking. Critics have called it “a demented piece of art; a fascinating cinematic experience”, “hypnotic, unsettling, disturbing” and “Sonno Profondo resurrects Giallo”.


Here are the first five minutes of SONNO PROFONDO (Deep Sleep)


After killing a young woman, a murderer traumatized by memories of his childhood receives a mysterious envelope under his door. The hunter becomes prey when he discovers that the envelope contains photographs of him killing her.


Here is where you can pre order your copies of SONNO PROFONDO






Original Trailer:


Look for a review soon right here on HMUNCUT!


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